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HANWA-ESD Testers by Hanwa Electronic (Model: All Products)

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ESD Testers by Hanwa Electronic

ESD Tester Package Tester HED-N5000-DCPCHED-N5000-DCPC HED-N5000
Full Automated ESD (HBM, MM) tester up to 1,056 pin count.
Up to 8 sockets on board.
Meets international standards (JEDEC, ESDA)
Latchup option is available.
Compatible with Hanwa S5000 and Verifire socket boards
HED-S5000-DCPCHED-S5000-DCPC HED-S5000HED-S5000 HED-S5000
The basic and most popular package-level ESD (HBM, MM) tester.
128 and 256 pin-count systems are available.
Both stand-alone model and fully automated pass/fail judgment with integrated software available.
Meets international standards (JEITA/ESDA/JEDEC).
Latch-up options (pulse current, over voltage, ESD pulse) are available.
SCM (10pF surge) option available.
HCE-5000HCE-5000 HCE-5000
Ultra-compact portable ESD (HBM, MM) tester.
Suitable for on-site testing.
Equipped with curve tracer for pass/fail judgment
Recommended for both IC manufacturers and end-users.
Wafer Level Tester HED-W5000MHED-W5000M HED-W5000M
Affordable and versatile manual wafer-level tester.
Dedicated software available for leak measurement and judgment.
Works with most types of manual probe stations.
HED-W5100DHED-W5100D HED-W5100D
Auto probe station and wafer mapping program enabled fully automated Wafer-level ESD testing.
CCD camera equipped
Supports up to 12-inch (300mm) wafer.
Can be integrated with Hanwa TLP Tester, HED-T5000 and T5000VF
Woks as high-pin count package-level tester without socket board.
SCM (10pF surge) option is available.
Hanwa now offers HBM and HMM waveform capture systems.
Waveform is captured at the DUT level.
You no longer need an ESD gun for IEC61000-4-2/HMM testing.
CDM Tester HED-C5000RHED-C5000R HED-C5000R NEW
Table-top size, compact, accurate and reliable CDM tester. 
CCD cameras equipped
Meets international standards (JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, JEDEC, EIAJ)
Offers both FI-CDM and D-CDM modes.
Can measure capacitance of each pin.
TLP Tester HED-T5000 HED-T5000, HED-T5000VF
Offers both normal and VF (very fast) models.
VF model offers both normal(100nm/200nm) and VF(1nm-) pulse widths.
Optional automated testing with semi-auto probe station consolidation dramatically improves productivity.
Can be combined with HED-W5000, ESD (HBM, MM) tester
Open-Short Tester HED-V3000SHED-V3000S HED-V3000S
Multi-function curve tracer with pass/fail judgment, 512/768/1,024 pin systems
HED-V3000NHED-V3000N HED-V3000N
128-1,024 pin curve tracer with pass/fail judgment
Immunity Tester HIT-5000 HIT-5000
Malfunction tester
ESD Testing Service Hanwa offers ESD, Latchup, CDM testing services using the state-of-art Hanwa Testers.
Please contact us for more details.

What is an ESD Tester?

The ESD (electrostatic discharge) test is done during semiconductor reliability testing.
The ESD test is essential for both semiconductor design development and quality assurance in the final production process of semiconductor fabrication.

Who is Hanwa?

Hanwa HQ in Wakayama, JapanHanwa Electronic Ind. Co., Ltd. is the #1 ESD tester manufacturer from Japan, offering a comprehensive product line of ESD testers including ESD, TLP, CDM, LU testers.
Hanwa is located in Wakayama, Japan, near the Osaka Kansai Airport.
Manufacturing factories located in Wakayama and Kumamoto are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.
Hanwa serves customers worldwide in Japan, Asia, America and Europe.

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