Agilent Technologies, Algorithmic Closed Loop Controller (E1415A)

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The HP E1415A is a C-size, 1-slot, VXI closed loop
control module. It bridges the gap between standard
PID controllers and custom control systems. And, it is
complete on a single module! More powerful than PID
controllers and easier to implement than custom
systems, the HP E1415A is the perfect solution to tough
monitoring and control applications. These applications
consist of:
l Linear control of multiple loops of temperature,
position, velocity, acceleration, rpm, and other
l Complex control requiring nested or interconnected
loops, or loops with multiple inputs or multiple
outputs of mixed type;
l Independent loops with multi-level alarms and
watchdog requirements.
The HP E1415A can also be used in various other modes
for applications requiring general-purpose
multifunction input and output capability. The
algorithms are flexible enough and the timing is
deterministic enough to be used for hardware-in-theloop
simulation of many types of new product designs.
And it can be used solely for data acquisition with the
ability to capture multiple channels of analog, digital, or
frequency-based signals all with a single VXI module.
Refer to the HP Website for instrument driver
availability and downloading instructions, as well as for
recent product updates, if applicable.

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