Geotest, Precision Multifunction DC Source PXI Card (GX1838 Series)

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The GX1838 is a multi-channel programmable DC Source providing multiple discrete outputs for avionics automotive, industrial testing and other ATE applications.


The GX1838 provides eight output channels that can either be set as open or switched to any of the three voltage rails. Each of the three voltage rails can be programmed to output -10 VDC to +32 VDC or -20VDC to +20 VDC with 14-bit resolution.

Voltage rails A through C are used as voltage sources which can be connected to a precision digital to analog converter (DAC) or to an external reference input. Rail A can be connected to DAC A or to external reference A. Rail B can be connected to DAC B or to external reference B. Rail C can be connected to DAC C, external reference C, or to ground. This architecture provides for maximum flexibility. If additional output channels are required, an external switch matrix (such as the GX6616) can be used. An on board EEPROM contains the DAC’s calibration parameters and provides for enhanced accuracy.

Programming and Software

The board is supplied with a 32-bit DLL driver. Various interface files provide access to the DLL from programming tools and languages such as ATEasy, LabVIEW, Microsoft® and Borland® C/C++, Microsoft Visual Basic®, Borland Delphi, and more. The available virtual panel can be used to interactively adjust and control the instrument from a window that displays the instrument's current settings and status.
An On-Line help file and PDF User's Guide provides documentation that includes instructions for installing, using and programming the board.

Resource & Download

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