ILX Lightwave, High Power Laser Diode Drivers (LDX-36000 Series)

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The LDX-36000 Series High Power Laser Diode Drivers are a family of high performance current sources designed specifically for controlling and testing high power laser diodes. Ten models offer maximum current ranges from 10A to 220A QCW and 125A CW with maximum compliance voltages from 12V to 35V. Each instrument offers high setpoint accuracy, low output noise with forward voltage and photodiode measurements in CW, QCW-Pulse and hard pulse operating modes making these instruments ideal for precision, high power laser diode testing.

Multiple laser diode protection features include adjustable voltage and current limits, output shorting relays, slow turn on-off circuits, fast error detection circuits, and transient protection during power up and laser operation. A thermistor based temperature monitor provides additional protection through a programmable temperature limit which can be used to disable the laser output when the limit is exceeded.

Designed for automated laser diode testing in CW or pulse mode, these drivers combine precision control and measurement and an IEEE488/GPIB interface with on-board data storage for high power laser diode characterization. For virtual instrument programming, LabView instrument drivers are available free of charge and can be downloaded from the ILX website.

    • Output current to 220A QCW and 125A CW

    • Compliance voltage up to 35V
    • Proven high power laser diode protection features
    • Precision current control with 10 mA setpoint resolution
    • Hard pulse capability with pulse widths to 2 seconds and duty cycle to 90%
    • Peak and CW forward voltage and photodiode measurement
    • TTL trigger input and output with adjustable delay
    • Temperature measurement with thermistor input
    • IEEE488/GPIB interface

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