Maynuo Electronic-Multifunctional power supply (M66 series)

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    M66 series DC power supply, as a new generation product of programmable power supply with widely range of application, can meet a variety of occasions of measurement requirements. It not only supports all characteristics of  high-accuracy power supply, but  also can be used in testing cellular phone,  DC machine  servo driver, any external wave amplification driver, precision electronic components feature,and so on.  Supproting be programmed through the keyboard on the panel which will bring great convenience to the users.Moreover, M66 series programmable multifunctional power supply is your best weapon for cellphone research, micro-electronics lab,research institue .


  • Design with two scales output (1.000000A , 100.0000mA)
  • Low instantaneous voltage drop
  • Program control output response compensation
  • High-luminance VFD screen with two lines & four channels display
  • Intellegent fan system fan will be automatically initiated according to the temperature
  • Automatic test function and multidata storage
  • High resolution and accuracy(0.1mV/0.01mA)
  • High speed rising edge and falling edge setting(50uS)
  • Ammeter measurement function
  • Remote voltage sensing to compensate for the effect of voltage drop in wires
  • Four-quadrant power supply provides any-polarity voltage and current
  • Power-on-selt-test, software calibration and standard rcak mount
  • Designed as a simple eletronic load and supports inndependent programming to complete battery charging and discharging
  • Cell phone battery charging and discharging circuit simulation tests
  • Communication mode: RS232/RS485/USB.
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