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C&H Technologies, M76 - Digital Multimeter M-Module

The M76 is a full function DMM suitable for use on a variety of platforms with the famiily of ...

C&H Technologies, M220 - Dual 8x1 Multiplexer M-Module

The M220 (formerly Agilent E2272A) provides 16 independent latching DPST switches configured as ...

C&H Technologies, M223 - 16 Channel Digital I/O M-Module

The M223 (formerly Agilent E2290A) provides 16 data/actuator lines. These data lines offer TTL ...

C&H Technologies, M392 - 16 Channel ADC Common Mode M-Module

The M392 common mode ADC is very well suited for use in applications where autonomous signal ...

C&H Technologies, MA200 - Aperture A/D Module

This 100 kHz A/D will sample and selectively store, along with a 31 bit time tag , any data ...

C&H Technologies, MA204 - 50Mhz Pulse Generator M-Module

A fully programmable, 50MHz pulse generator that allows the generation of precisely timed pulses ...

C&H VX414C 16 SPST / 48 SPDT Multifunction Switching Module

 The C&H VX414C 16/48-Channel Switching Module is a C size, Register based switching card ...