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AOIP-dry block, liquid bath, Blackbody source & Fixed Point system (Model:VENUS)

Mã số : 1542
Hãng sản xuất : AOIP
Chủng loại sản phẩm : Hiệu Chuẩn - Cân Chỉnh
Ngày cập nhật : 21/02/2014
Giá : Call

Mô tả Sản phẩm

 Venus calibrates temperature probes from -35°C (in ambient of 20°C) to 140°C with unrivalled flexibility.

As a traditional dry block, several thermometers can be quickly calibrated. Accessories are available to convert it to a stirred liquid bath, for surface sensor calibration, to calibrate infrared thermometers and even to use as an ITS-90 fixed point system with calibration uncertainties as small as 0.0005°C.

Venus is available in two models, the BASIC (B) and the SITE (S).

The B model includes a sophisticated temperature controller with a dual display for set temperature and dry block temperature.

The S model additionally includes an in-built temperature digital indicator to which an external temperature sensor can be connected. It ensures traceability, best practise and adherence to quality standards and calibration to the smallest of uncertainties

For dry block use, the unit under test may be compared to the controller value. The use of an external probe connected to the indicator of the Site model which compensates for the temperature gradient and loading errors, is recommended. This gives greater accuracy and traceability meeting the requirements of ISO 9000 and other quality standards.

For liquid bath, surface sensor and blackbody use, an external standard probe should always be used, either with the S models indicator or a separate stand-alone indicator.

For laboratory use, Venus can be used with a laboratory performance temperature indicator. 

Temperature range -35°C (Tamb 20°C) to +140°C
Stability as:
Dry block
Surface sensor
Stirred liquid bath
ITS-90 Fixed Point cells
Ice bath

Accuracy as dry block 0.15°C
Between holes as dry block
Radial as liquid bath 
Lower 40 mm (Axial) as dry block
Lower 40 mm (Axial) as liquid bath

< 0.008°C
< 0.02°C
< 0.04°C
< 0.026°C

Heating time -30°C to 140°C: 15 min
Cooling time 140°C to 0°C: 15 min
Insert diameter 35 mm
Immersion depth 160 mm
Insert types 3 different types

General specifications

Size 302 x 176 x 262 mm
Weight 10.2 kg
Power supply 115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
150 Watts
Communication ports RS 232

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