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Chandler Engineering-Cement Hydration Analyzer (Model:7200)

Mã số : 1371
Hãng sản xuất : Chandler Engineering
Chủng loại sản phẩm : Thiết bị phân tích
Ngày cập nhật : 14/01/2014
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 A Critical Tool for Oil Well Cementing 
Gas migration through hydrating cement slurry is a major reason for well completion failures which require costly remedial well treatments. Chandler Engineering developed the Model 7200 Cement Hydration Analyzer (CHA) to realistically simulate gas migration scenarios of varying severity. 

The Model 7200 Cement Hydration Analyzer is a precision instrument that measures four key aspects of oil-well cement: (a) its susceptibility to gas migration, (b) its degree of hydration, (c) its shrinkage during curing and (d) the gas permeability of the cement.

Description of the Instrument 
The Model 7200 is a closed system in which nitrogen gas is injected into the bottom of a cement slurry at any time during its hydration (setting). The cement’s susceptibility to gas migration is determined by whether or 
not the nitrogen gas injection pressure is transmitted up through the column of cement to the opposite (top) side of the cement sample where the pore pressure is measured. 

Gas migration will result in the pore pressure of the sample rising and possibly becoming and/or remaining equal to the gas injection pressure. If no gas migration occurs, the pore pressure will continue to drop 
(due to the shrinkage and loss of fluid communication through the sample) during hydration, possibly continuing to reach a vacuum.

Operational Simplicity 
The Model 7200 is designed to be as easy to use as possible. The instrument’s software controls, records and displays all test measurements in real time. 

Test conditions, including the static gel strength profile of the cement, are easily programmed and 
controlled through this system. As the system is designed to avoid line plugging, clean-up after testing is both quick and easy.

Model 7200 Software Photo

•  Can Test Multiple Scenarios of Gas Migration (Severe and Less Severe) 
•  Simple to Operate 
•  Graphical User Interface Software for Control of Experiment, 
    Data Acquisition and Logging Results 
•  Unattended Operation of Test 
•  Designed to Ensure No Line Plugging and Easy Clean Up After Tests

Temperature Range:
  Ambient to 325ºF / 163ºC 
Pressures Maximum:  1000 psi / 6.9 MPa 
Pressure Measurement Accuracy:  0.2 % of Full Scale 
Pressure Measurement Resolution:  0.25 psi / 1.7 kPa 
Pressure Control Accuracy:  ±10 - 20 psi / 70 - 140 kPa 

Cement Temperature and Cabinet Temperature 
Measurement Accuracy: 
Measurement Resolution:  0.1°C 

Oven Temperature 
Measurement Accuracy: 
Measurement Resolution:  0.1°C 
Temperature Control Stability:  ±0.5° 

Gas Injection Flow Rate:  0 - 5 sccm of nitrogen 
Confining Flow Rate:  0 - 5 sccm of nitrogen 
Flow Rate Measurement Accuracy:  1.2 % of Full Scale (±0.06 sccm) 
Flow Rate Measurement Resolution:  0.01 sccm 
Cell Volumes:  Cement sample 417 cm3 
                        Accumulator 100 cm3 
 20-80 psi / 140 – 550 kPa 
Air:  20-160 psi / 140—1100 kPa 
Nitrogen:  1000-3000 psi / 7-21 MPa 

Power Supply:  220 VAC ±15%, 50/60 Hz, 10A 1-phase 

Physical Dimensions 
Dimensions (h x w x d): 
 36 in. x 44 in. x 28 in / 92 x 112 x 74 cm 
Weight:  1000 lb / 450 kg

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