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Chandler Engineering-Stirred Fluid Loss Tester (Model:7120)

Mã số : 1373
Hãng sản xuất : Chandler Engineering
Chủng loại sản phẩm : Thiết bị phân tích
Ngày cập nhật : 14/01/2014
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 A Critical Tool for Oil Well Drilling and Cementing 
Fluid loss from oilfield muds and cement slurries to a permeable formation can significantly impact their performance or damage the formation. If a cement slurry loses too much fluid, its strength will be compromised and costly remedial well treatments may be needed. The Model 7120 Stirred Fluid Loss Cell measures the fluid loss properties of muds and slurries in accordance with API procedures.

A Vastly Improved, Safer Instrument 
Chandler Engineering developed the Model 7120 Stirred Fluid Loss Cell to eliminate safety issues with the traditional instrument designs.

Operational Simplicity and Advanced Capabilities 
The Model 7120 is designed to be as easy to use as possible, with clear and intuitive controls. Once the cement slurry or mud is placed into the test cell, a programmable temperature controller increases the temperature at the desired rate. The slurry is conditioned by stirring at 150 rpm similar to a consistometer. The cell is then inverted to begin the fluid loss test. A graduated cylinder or the back pressure receiver is used to collect the filtrate for measurement of the fluid loss characteristics of the slurry.  


•  Fluid Loss Measurement Through Standard Screens or Core Samples 
•  Safer Approach—No Need to Transfer Hot Slurry 
•  Quick Turnaround for Multiple Tests

Maximum Temperature:   450°F / 232°C 
Maximum Pressure:  2,000 psi / 14 MPa 
Cylinder Volume:  500 mL (approx.) 
Filtrate Collection Volume:  100 mL (approx.) 
Paddle:  rpm 150 rpm 
Heater:  Power 700 W 
Compliance:  API Spec 10A / ISO 10426-I

 40 psi / 380 kPa 
Nitrogen:  1,000 to 2,000 psi / 7 to 14 MPa 
Power Supply:  120 or 240 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz, 0.95 kVA

Physical Dimensions 
Dimensions (w x d x h): 
 19.7 in. x 25.6 in. x 30 in./ 50 x 65 x 76 cm 
Weight:  140 lb / 64 kg 

Shipping Information
Volume:  22 cu ft / 1 m3 
Gross Weight:  290 lb / 132 kg

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