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COESFELD - Holiday detection (Model: 40-164)

Mã số : 2010
Hãng sản xuất : Coesfeld
Chủng loại sản phẩm : Meter
Ngày cập nhật : 24/10/2014
Giá : Call

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DIN 4681, 28055, DIN 28063, DIN 30670, DIN 55670, DIN DIN EN 10329, DIN EN 14430, DVGW Arbeitsblatt G462/I, DVGW Arbeitsblatt W400-2


Device for non-destructive holiday detection of coatings via high voltage impulse technology


This tester has been especially developed for testing sensitive coatings like FBE, enamel, epoxy, Halar etc. An intelligent signal analysis makes it possible to test completely coated parts. The menu-driven sensitivity of the instrument guarantees exact test results. The integrated pore counter makes it easier to meet work specifications and standards.

Technical Data

Test voltage                 5-35 kV in 0.1 kV steps

Battery                        Pb 6 V, exchangeable

Charger                       230 V, 50 Hz


Accessories are available according to your testing requirements (accessories for grounding, batteries and chargers, testing electrodes, insulted extension bars).

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