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Princeton Applied Research-VersaSCAN (Model:OSP)

Mã số : 1000
Hãng sản xuất : Princeton Applied Research
Chủng loại sản phẩm : Sensor
Ngày cập nhật : 01/10/2013
Giá : Call

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OSP Overview

The VersaSCAN OSP integrates the Base with a high-accuracy, high-speed laser displacement sensor.  The OSP technique uses diffuse reflection mechanism to measure topography of a sample.  OSP can be used to measure topography, as a very sensitive leveling mechanism, or charting topography to be implemented with other scanning probe techniques for constant-distance mode operation.

OSP Specifications

Measurement Range   ±10mm 
Laser   Class 2, 650nm, 0.95mW
Repeatability   0.025 microns 
Spot Size   50 microns at reference distance of 50mm 
Correct Postitioning                    Red light/green light 

OSP Experiments

Line Scan

OSP Line Scan moves the laser head in a single direction and graphs the sensor measurement versus position. This intensity can be calibrated to be reported as topography. Either diffuse-scattered light or specural-reflected light can be measured.

Area Scan

OSP Area Scan performs several x-line scan experiments at incremented Y-position. This creates an area map. This topographic data can then be used as a background to run different techniques in constant-distance mode (SVP, SECM, SDS; SKP is easier to use CHM or CTM methods).

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