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Sanitary Point Level Sensors

Mã số : 2122
Hãng sản xuất : IFM Sensor
Chủng loại sản phẩm : Sensor
Ngày cập nhật : 16/03/2018
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Supply voltage

18…30 VDC

Maximum load current

100 mA; LMT100, LMT110: 50 mA

Voltage drop

<2.5 V

Current consumption

<50 mA

Material wetted parts

LMT104, LMT105: PEEK, 316L stainless steel, viton

Pressure rating

-14.5…580 psi
LMT100, LMT110: -14.5…232 psi

Maximum medium temperature

302 °F (max 1 hr)

Ambient temperature

-40…185 °F

Potection rating



LMT100, LMT110, LMT121: 3A, FDA, EHEDG
LMT102: 3A (pending), FDA, EHEDG

Reliable and fast alternative to tuning forks.

  •  Flexible installation independent of the orientation.
  • Shock and vibration resistant in a robust stainless steel housing.
  • Factory set for simple “plug & play” .
  • Differentiation of media by switch point setting Hygienic design with maintenance-free sealing concept.

Level under control

The LMT family reliably monitors the level in storage tanks or protects pumps against running dry. The different lengths and process connections allow applicationspecific and orientation-independent installation.

Versatile sensor for all media

The LMT can be set to almost any liquid or viscous media and bulk materials. The distinction of two media is possible due to the two switching outputs which can be set independently. The parameters can be set via IO-Link and USB interface accessory E30396.


The sensor with its high-quality housing materials such as high-grade stainless steel (316L / 1.4404) and PEEK meets all requirements for hygienic areas. This includes approvals such as EHEDG, 3A and also FDA.

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