Fluke – Three Phase Power Analyzer (Model: 434)

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  • Captures events like dips and swells, interruptions and rapid voltage changes, based upon ½ cycle rms values
  • Unique AutoTrend gives you fast insight into changes over time
  • With a single push of a button, the unique System Monitor gives you an overview of power system performance. It also checks that incoming power complies to EN50160 limits or to your own custom specifications
  • Logger: detailed, user-configurable long-term recording gives you the MIN, MAX and AVG readings of up to 100 parameters on all four phases. Averaging time can be selected down to 0.5 seconds (or 1 minute for 1 day’s recording, 10 minutes for 1 week, 30 minutes for 1 month or more
  • Two groups of four channels: simultaneously measure voltage and current on all three phases and neutral
  • Auto Scaling: easier trend analysis with automatic scaling of the vertical axis – so you will always view the waveforms on a full display
  • Meets the stringent 600 V CAT IV, 1000 V CAT III safety standard required for measurements at service entrance
  • Extensive data analysis: cursors and zoom can be used ‘live’ while taking the measurements, or ‘offline’ on stored measurement data. The stored measurements can also be transferred to Power Log software
Analyze every parameter on display

Measure and record power (W), VA and VARs. The Fluke 434/PWR adds the ability to record energy consumption
Logging function allows you to customize measurement selections and provides analysis of user-selectable parameters to find intermittent problems or relate PQ issues to other phenomena/events.
The System-Monitor overview screen gives instant insight into whether the voltage, harmonics, frequency, and the number of dips and swells fall outside the set limits.
Phasor diagram shows voltage and current unbalance, and helps verify connections
The full color display allows the use of industry-standard color-coding (user selectable) to correlate measurements with actual wiring
Fluke Power Log Software
Designed to quickly view recorded data, the built-in Power Log software displays all recorded parameters on interactive trends. Generate a profes¬sional looking report with the ‘PRINT’ function or copy and paste images into a report document manually. Customize the report generator to easily create your own formats.

Print reports and view graphs with Fuke Power Log sofware

Technical Data
Number:  4 voltage and current (3 phases + neutral)
Maximum voltage:  1000 Vrms (6 kV peak)
Maximum sampling speed:  200 kS/s on each channel simultaneously
Vrms (AC + DC)
Measurement range:  1 … 1000 V
Accuracy:  0.1% of Vnom
Measurement range:  1 … 1400 V
Accuracy:  5% of Vnom
Crest factor, voltage
Measurement range:  1.0 … > 2.8
Accuracy:  ±5%
Arms (AC + DC)
Measurement range:  0 … 20 kA
Accuracy:  ±0.5% ± 5 counts
Measurement range:  1.4x rms value
Accuracy:  5%
Crest factor, A
Measurement range:  1 … 10
Accuracy:  ±5%
Hz 50 Hz nominal
Measurement range:  40 … 70 Hz
Accuracy:  ±0.01 Hz
Dips and swells
Vrms (AC+DC) ²
Measurement range:  0.0% … 100% of Vnom
Accuracy:  ±0.2% of nominal voltage
Arms (AC+DC) ²
Measurement range:  0 … 20 kA'
Accuracy:  ±1% ± 5 counts
Harmonic (interharmonic) (n)
Measurement range:  DC, 1..50; (Off, 1..49) measured according to IEC 61000-4-7
Measurement range:  0.0 … 1000 V
Accuracy:  ±0.05% of nominal voltage
Measurement range:  0.0 … 4000 mV x clamp scaling
Accuracy:  ±5% ± 5 counts
Measurement range:  Depends on clamp scaling and voltage
Accuracy:  ±5% ± n x 2% or reading, ± 10 counts
DC voltage
Measurement range:  0.0 … 1000 V
Accuracy:  ±0.2% of nominal voltage
Measurement range:  0.0 … 100.0%
Accuracy:  ±2.5% V and A (± 5% Watt)
Measurement range:  0 … 3500 Hz
Accuracy:  ± 1 Hz
Phase angle
Measurement range:  -360º … +360º
Accuracy:  ± n × 1.5º
Power and energy

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