Anritsu- Digital Mobile Radio Transmitter Tester (Model:MS8609A)

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  • Excellent performance for evaluating W-CDMA modulation signals. This makes it ideal for the development and manufacture of W-CDMA radio transmitters (base station and mobile).GSM/EDGE HSDPA, WLAN/802.11, CDMA, 1xEVDO, and Pi/4DQPSK (PHS, PDC, IS-136) measurements are also supported. 
  • The built-in spectrum analyser (standard) covers a resolution bandwidth of up to 20 MHz. It is ideal for evaluating devices such as base station power amplifiers, due to its wide dynamic ranges of 68 dB (typical for 5 MHz offset) and 75 dB (typical for 10 MHz offset) for adjacent channel power (ACP) measurement (sweep method). A new average detection mode permits high-accuracy measurement of signal power with this noise-like spreading modulation.
  • The built-in power meter (standard) integrates an amorphous power sensor for high-accuracy (+-0.4 dB) power measurements.
  • The installed MX860801A/MX860901A W-CDMA Measurement Software performs modulation and code domain analyses according to the 3GPP speculations for W-CDMA on both RF and I/Q signals. ACP Measurement (filter method) based on the 3GPP specifications is possible for RF input. Either balanced or unbalanced I/Q input can be selected.
  • The MX860802A/MX860902A provides measurement of GSM/EDGE signals.  Choose between GMSK and 8PSK modulation measurements. Modulation analysis functions include carrier frequency, frequency stability, RMS phase error, peak phase error and magnitude error. The software allows for the creation of constellation, eye, and trellis diagrams for detailed analysis.
  • Up to 10 frames data after de-spreading can be stored for baseband data evaluation. With application software (sample provided) evaluation of demodulation data on a PC is possible. Data can be transferred at high speeds of 120 kbyte/s via GPIB, permitting highspeed measurement of the production line. The 6.5 type TFT color LCD provides an easy-to-read screen, and VGA signals can be output from a rear connector.


MS8608A and MS8609A are transmitter testers equipped with an internal spectrum analyzer, a modulation analyzer and a power meter. Just one tester can cover the development and manufacturing of base stations and mobile stations, as well as the construction and maintenance of base stations.

  • MS8608A supports 9 kHz-7.8 GHz and high power inputs up to +40 dBm.
  • MS8609A supports 9 kHz-13.2 GHz and input power up to +20 dBm.

The spectrum analyzer has resolution bandwidths up to 20 MHz, meaning that it can readily support measurements of wide-band signals. The modulation analyzer realizes all Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) functions through high-speed DSP. The power sensor can perform highly accurate power measurements of ±0.4 dB by using an amorphous power sensor.

Up to three measurement software options (such as W-CDMA, GSM/EDGE, HSDPA, WLAN/802.11, CDMA, 1xEVDO) can be installed simultaneously. Input signals can be selected from RF or I/Q inputs. For I/Q signals, balanced or unbalanced input can also be selected.

Each tester can be equipped with optional GPIB, RS-232C, and 10BASE-TEthernet interfaces for remote measurement. High-speed GPIB data transmission of 120 kbyte/sec enables high-speed measurement on the manufacturing line. The monitor uses an easy-to-see TFT color LCD.

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