EDL-Thermocouple Reference Meter (Model: LT-100 )

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EDL’s revamped, 2-channel LT-100 Thermocouple Reference Meter, was re-designed to be hand-held and totally user friendly. This unit provides the most accurate high precision temperature measurements available in its class. The LT-100 uses a 24 bit A/D and a microprocessor for high precision temperature measurements and conversions. EDL’s new thermocouple reference meter incorporates features previously found in much higher priced bench or rack mounted instruments but all at affordable EDL prices that are backed by the trusted EDL name. 

A precision cold end reference junction was incorporated into the design to accurately compensate for changes in ambient temperature and to keep the instrument functioning at its highest accuracy at all times.  When utmost accuracy is required, the internal electronic cold end reference can be set to external, for use with an ice bath giving you enhanced stability.  Fast and easy data transmission is easily accomplished through the use of the RS-232 interface. Transmission of  temperature readings is provided with a time stamp and thermocouple type. EDL’s LT-100 uses a 9V battery or a simple wall adapter for long term measurements. A single 9V battery will power the instrument for over 50 hours.

Fast & Easy Data Transmission
RS-232 transmission of temperature readings is provided with a time stamp and thermocouple type. Connection is made through Microsoft Windows standard communication software “Hyper Terminal”, or suitable RS-232 communication software, and a standard PC serial port. USB/Serial port adapters are available for PCs without a standard serial port for $19.95.
 Thermocouple Types K, J, E, T, R, S, B, N, & C
 Range of Display  Full Range Each TC
 Size  4.4" x 7.5" x 1.25"
 Weight  340g (12oz)
 Accuracy  ±0.1° C
 Resolution  User Selectable 1, 0.1, 0.01
 A/D  24 Bit Resolution
 Backlighting  LED Panel
 mV, K, °C, °F
 Power  9Vdc Battery & AC Adapter
 Update  3 HZ
 Operation  0° to 50° C
 Battery Life  50 Hours Continuous Operation (No Backlighting)
 Input – 2 Channels  Minimum, Maximum, & Difference
 Interface  RS-232
 Character Height  1/2"


Ordering Information

In order to determine your part number refer to the chart below. The letters and numbers highlighted in red create the part number. Read from left to right in the column rows to create the part number (ex. LT-100). Click here for additional ordering information.

Model T/C Types  Channels  T/C Inputs
All TC Types 2 Channels  Mini-plug

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