Shimadzu-Multitype ICP Emission Spectrometer (Model:ICPE-9000 )

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Multitype ICP Emission Spectrometer

ICP emission spectrometers are analytical instruments used in a broad range of fields. They feature high ppb level detection ability, broad 5-6 digit analysis concentration ranges, and batch analysis of multiple elements. Recent wider usage has resulted in an increased demand for shorter analysis times and improved high-matrix sample detection. As a result, we have developed two models – a "multitype" using a semiconductor detector to shorten analysis times, and a high-resolution sequential type for improved detection.
Shimadzu's ICPE-9000 multitype ICP emission spectrometer includes our new ICPEsolution software, a radical departure from conventional thinking.
Making full use of the ICPE-9000's multitype performance, problems with measurement samples can be evaluated in a number of ways. The Assistant Function automatically carries out wavelength selection for measured elements and interference correction for coexisting elements, tasks that typically relied on the skill of the analyst. Simple and accurate measurement is possible even with hard-to-measure high-matrix samples.

Echelle spectrometer and CCD detectors

High Throughput

A large-scale 1-inch CCD detector with a large number of elements has been adopted, together with an Echelle spectrometer, providing high-speed measurement. Measurements that would take five minutes or more with a sequential-type device are now completed in only a few minutes. In addition, evaluation and recalculation is simple, as all-element and all-wavelength data is acquired during measurement. If the Assistant is used,the evaluation is completed quickly and automatically.

Adopting a vacuum spectrometer

Eliminates the Need for Spectrometer Purge Gas

The ICPE-9000 utilizes a vacuum spectrometer, the first of its kind in an ICP emission spectrometer equipped with semiconductor detectors. A vacuum spectrometer does not require high-purity gas for internal gas purging. This reduces running costs since no gas other than the Argon used in the measurement is required.

Equipped with Mini Torch

Low Running Costs

The ICPE-9000's mini torch reduces consumption of argon gas to half that of conventional torches. The mini torch's automatic radio frequency power source tuning provides approximately the same sensitivity as a conventional torch.

Performance quality is maintained even during long-term measurements

Extremely Stable Vacuum Spectrometer

Spectrometer stability is extremely important for stable measurement over extended periods. Spectrometer temperature is controlled to a highly precise ± 0.1 degrees Celsius, and since no gas with an impact on thermal control is used, the unit demonstrates stable performance even during long-term analysis. In addition, since the vacuum spectrometer always maintains a vacuum, contamination does not occur. Even during long-term use, there is basically no reduction in sensitivity due to contamination.

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