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The AQ6373 is one of the latest additions to the AQ6370 Series of Optical Spectrum Analyzers.  With the ability to provide high speed, accurate analysis of the short wavelength range between 350nm and 1200nm, this OSA is well suited for a broad range of applications.  The AQ6373 can accelerate the development and manufacturing of short wavelength lasers, passive devices and LEDs as well as equipment that uses these devices for the biomedical, material processing, consumer product and telecommunications markets.  With built in color analysis capabilities and remote command compatibility with the AQ6315, the AQ6373 provides an upgrade of capabilities, speed and performance for current AQ6315 users.

  • Wavelength range: 350 to 1200nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±0.05 nm
  • Wavelength resolution: 0.02 to 10 nm and 0.01nm (400 to 470nm)
  • Max safe input power: +20 dBm
  • Level sensitivity: -80 dBm
  • Dynamic range: ≧60dB
  • Single-mode, Multimode, and Large-core fibers
  • Built-in optical alignment source
  • Wavelength calibration with an external reference source
  • Various analysis functions including the Color analysis function for VIS

Aq6373 15 01

  • Optical active devices(Laser diode/Fiber laser)
  • Optical passive devices(Filter/FBG/Specialty optical fiber)
  • Development support of Applied photonics equipment
  • Medical/Bio: Laser therapy, DNA sequencing, Microscope
  • Industrial: Laser micro-machine, laser maker
  • Home Electronics: Laser projector, Next-gen optical disc, LED products
  • Measurement Sensing: LIDAR, Interferometer
  • Telecom: Plastic Optical fiber (POF) communication

World-class optical performance

High Resolution & High Dynamic Range
The advanced monochromator achieves high wavelength resolution and high close-in dynamic range. With the sharper spectral characteristics of the monochromator, spectral signals in close proximity can be separated clearly and measured accurately.
High Sensitivity
Weak optical signals can be measured accurately and quickly.

7 sensitivity settings
Can be selected according to test applications and measurement speed requirements.
High dynamic mode
Obtains a better dynamic range by reducing the influence of stray-light, which is caused when the input is a strong optical signal.

Pulsed Light Measurement

Peak-Hold and External trigger mode
Measure a pulse peak spectrum of a pulsed light signal. Often used in the transmission loop testing of telecommunication systems, and also in the low power measurement at the early stage of laser chip development to catch the peak power of a pulsed signal. 

Free Space Input

■Multimode and single mode fiber on the same OSA

■Small insertion loss variation at the input connector increases measurement repeatability.

■No damage connecting fibers because there is no physical contact.

■Supports SM, GI (50/125 μm, 62.5/125 μm) and large core fiber up to 800 μm.

Aq6373 4

Excellent efficiency

Fast Sweep
With an advanced monochromator, faster electrical circuits, and noise reduction techniques, the AQ6373 achieves fast measurement speed even when measuring a steep spectrum from DFB-LD or DWDM signals, or when measuring a low power signal from a broadband light source.

Fast Remote Interface
    AQ6373 provides faster remote control and data transfer capability.
    100x    Ethernet interface is 100 times faster
     10x     GP-IB interface is  10 times faster
(compared with the conventional GP-IB used on Yokogawa AQ6317 series Optical Spectrum Analyzer)

Wide Span Sweep yet High Resolution

The 50,001 data sampling points expands measurement range in a single sweep while keeping a high wavelength resolution. This makes your measurements easier and more efficient than conventional systems that use a low number of sampling points and require multiple partial measurements to cover the complete wavelength range.

Easy to Keep Accurate

Ambient condition change, vibration and shock to an optical precision product, like an optical spectrum analyzer, will effect the optical components and eventually degrade optical performance.
Using standard functions, the AQ6373 can maintain its high optical performance within a couple of minutes so that you can quickly start a measurement.

Optical alignment function
 Automatically aligns the optical path in the monochromator using the built-in source to maintain high performance.
Wavelength calibration function
 Automatically calibrates the spectrum analyzer with an external light source, to ensure the wavelength accuracy.

Built-in optical alignment source
Note. GI 50/125µm fiber is required.
An external light source is required for the wavelength calibration.

Note. There are cases that the optical alignment and wavelength calibration function cannot correct optical performance.
Periodical calibration is also required.

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