Behind Worldwide Calibration


Calibration and test gases play a crucial part in every day gas detection. Check gases are the key to calibrating instruments at regular intervals and most importantly, verifying the functionality of portable gas detectors. Across the globe, manufacturers, distributors and end customers utilise Euro-Gas cylinders to protect the safety of personnel.
Extend your Company’s Product Portfolio
If you purchase calibration and bump gas from an equipment manufacturer or distributor, you may already be using one of the extensive range of gases available at Euro-Gas. A significant number of Euro-Gas’ worldwide clients take advantage of a complimentary labelling service to extend their own range of products, with the knowledge that they have the experience and technical support of Euro-Gas behind them.
Gas cylinders can be privately labelled with your own Company logo and contact details. Euro- Gas offers this option as a free of charge service and have a dedicated, friendly team on hand for technical and marketing assistance.
Regular functional testing and calibration is particularly easy and low cost with lightweight, non- refillable cylinders. The perfect size for bump testing of equipment are 20 litre and 34 litre cylinders. For regular calibration, 34 litre, 58 litre and the new Euro-Gas 110 litre cylinder, which conforms to the important European Legislation EN12205, provide more gas in a convenient size and at low cost. Out in the field, non-refillable cylinders are ideal where portability is paramount. Where larger quantities of gas are required, Euro-Gas refillable cylinders offer an alternative.
Euro-Gas also offers advanced OEM sensors and supporting circuitry, presenting simple gas detection solutions for manufacturers.
All the latest information, together with downloadable datasheets, can be found at our website.