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You want to change the blower housing of your industrial blower from Elektror airsystems? In this tutorial our colleague Sophia explains all steps of rebuilding the housing position. You can find more tutorials about the start-up of our blowers on

Elektror is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial fans, industrial blowers and side channel blowers. Its product portfolio includes centrifugal fans, axial fans, roof fans, conveying blowers, ATEX fans, free-wheeling radial fans as well as single and double-sided side channel blowers. Our decades of experience in industrial fan construction and in ventilation and air technology enable us to manufacture the right industrial blower for virtually any application. Find more information on

Further hints:
The workflow shown in the video only is applicable to devices with foot base. Other devices might differ in rebuilding. Please bear in mind that warranty will expire if you open the housing. For further information on our blowers please refer to the corresponding instruction manual:

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