Vibration test, vibration test systems are control by LabVIEW Software


 Function : One of the reasons that many products do not work is influenced by the environment, people, product factory … so shock, vibrate and shake. Vibration test program functions to detect and remove these products which does not guarantee the accuracy and stability operations in terms of vibration and shock.

Test frequencies up to 2000Hz. With two test cycles is increasing frequency and decreasing frequency. In the process of the product is placed in the system Vibration vibration and oscillation, the operating parameters of the product to be controlled and measured. Once the change operation of the product beyond the allowable range, the program will warn and stop automatically. Data storage and set the number of machines in the system back to its original state.

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The device's hardware and system

  • Vibration controller,
  • Vibration machine
  • Power source
  • Power metter
  • Sensor
  • O / E converter
  • Replacement sensor
  • Special Printer machine

Image system

After the product datasheet Vibration testing.

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