AOIP- Field pressure process calibrator with removable generation pump (Model:P200 PRO)

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 P200 PRO is a field calibrator that measures and generate pressure from -1 to 700 bars with an accuracy of 0.025% FS. It is developed for the calibration, verification and testing of pressure sensors and transmitters, manometers and pressostats.

Besides, it measures and generates process voltage and current and has a Pt100 input for calibrating flow transmitters.

  • Pressure range: -1 to 700 bars
  • Leak test
  • Switch test
  • Calibration of transmitters and pressostats

P200 PRO is a versatile, robust and handy instrument with its IP65 measurement head and removable pump. It is a comprehensive calibration system yet easy-to-use. It has an internal pressure sensor and accepts an external module in addition.

It simultaneously displays the output pressure and input current or voltage, the pressure percentage, the pressostat status or the MIN / MAX pressure value.

P200 PRO stores not only 1,500 measurement values but several calibration procedures, leak test or switch test procedures.

The instrument is delivered in standard with a factory calibration report traceable to the national standards that states the nominal and actual values and deviation errors.

The pressure calibrator is widely used and recommended for maintenance, regulation, metrology departments of process industries, energy field, applied or scientific research activities.

Specifications and performances @23°C ±5°C


calys80-modulePressure media: AISI 316 SS compatible fluids (water, gas, and oil)

Engineering units: mbar, bar, hPa, kPa, Mpa, kg/cm2, kg/m2, psi, mmH2O, cmH2O, mH2O, Torr, atm, lb/ft2, inH2O, FTH2O, mmHg, cmHg, mHg, inHg

Accuracy: accuracies given for 1 year, include non linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability.

Temperature coefficient inside the temperature compensated range: ±0.002% RDG /°C

Temperature compensation: Automatic with built-in calibration matrix from 0°C to 45°C

By interne moduel By external sensor
Accuracy ±0.025% FS ±0.025% FS
Overpressure 125% FS 125% FS
Port 3/8" BSP male 1/4" BSP male
Connexion cable Internal 2 m

Process voltage

Type Measurement / Emission Range Resolution Accuracy / 1 year
Voltage IN / OUT -200 to 200 mV 1 mV 0.02% RDG + 3 mV
-0.2 to 2 V 10 mV 0.02% RDG + 10 mV
-2 to 20 V 100 mV 0.02% RDG + 100 mV

Process current

Type Measurement / Emission Range Resolution Accuracy / 1 year
Current IN / OUT -5 to 22 mA 0.1 mA 0.02% RDG + 0.4 mA

Loop supply: 24 V ±10% (30 mA maximum)


Type Measurement / Emission Range Resolution Accuracy / 1 year
Pt100 (=3926) Measurement only -200°C to +850°C 0.01°C 0.02% RDG + 0.05°C

Further features

Scaling in measurement mode Scaling allows process signals to be displayed in % of FS or in pressure, offering a direct comparison between the measured pressure value and the transmitter output value and allowing sensors to be corrected after a calibration.
Transmitters tests The feature enables any pressure transmitter to be controlled and calibrated with simultaneous display of input and output values in % F.S. or in actual unit. 
The measuring circuit is also able to power the loop for a direct connection to the transmitter under test.
Switch test In pressure, P200 PRO controls and displays the applied pressure and the switch status OPEN or CLOSED of pressostats.
Leak test P200 PRO detects the presence of any pressure leakage through a test procedure carrying out pressure fall measurements in a programmable time interval.

General specifications

Size 130 x 120 x 70 mm
Weight Nett: 1.4 kg
Gross: 2.5 kg
Display Liquid crystal graphical display with automatic and manual backlite
Measurement sampling time 250 ms
Battery Type: Rechargeable Ni-Mh with external charger
Charging time: 5 h at 90% and 6 h at 99%, if instrument switched off
Life time: 10 h in measurement mode without backlight
Communication ports RS 232, full bidirectional
Storage capacity 1,500 measured values with date and time stamp

Environmental specifications

Reference range 23°C ±5°C
Operating reference range -10 to 55°C (RH: 95 % non condensing)
Storage temperature limits -30°C to +60°C (without battery)
IP protection IP65 according to EN60529

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