Water quality monitoring system of Online Silica Analyzer – HASI-4000


Online Silica Analyzer, HASI-4000, is a measuring equipment designed to enable measurement of low concentration range silica by using absorption spectrophotometry (molybdic acid blue method). HASI-4000 continuously measures the silica concentration in boiler water or ultrapure water for cleaning semiconductor by using Heteropoly blue method, and it can be also usefully applied for efficiency of driving turbine in power plant or QC in semiconductor chemical industry.



  • Distribution of Sample and Reagent Using Multi-channel Valves
    • Quantitative distribution of sample and reagent by using patented multi-channel valve system
  • Accuracy
    • Use of high-performance micro-pulse control pump
    • Accurate measurement of sample and reagent through correction per channel
  • Immediacy & Expandability
      • Response within 15 minutes
    • Enables various water quality measurements using colorimetric method through change of only reagent and wavelength, if necessary
  • Convenience in operation
      • 3-point calibration and auto calibration function
      • Easy and simple operation, self diagnosis
      • Easy maintenance by simplification of the flow channel
      • Easy operation by private-labeled operation program


    • Measurement item

Silica (Si)

    • Measurement method

Absorbance spectrophotometry (Molybdic acid blue method)

    • Measurement range

0~5mg/L (Other ranges are available upon request)

    • Wavelength


    • Measurement interval

15 minutes (Adjustable)

    • Detection limit

0.01mg/L F.S.

    • Accuracy

±2% F.S.

    • Reproducibility

±2% F.S.

    • Calibration

Auto/manual calibration by standard solution

    • Detection method

Photodiode detector

    • Sample/Reagent measuring method

Step motor pulse control

    • Sample/Reagent distribution method

7-port distribution control method (Fixed quantity injection with multi-channel valve system)

    • Operation system

Windows 7 (CPU process) or more

    • Output

TCP/IP, DC 4~20mA, RS-232C

    • Status display

Normal operation, on calibration, error

    • Display

Color LED 10.4″ (Touch screen)

    • Power

AC 220V, 50/60Hz

    • Power consumption

Average 70W

    • Voltage regulation

3% or less

    • Data storage capacity

HDD 100G or more

    • Data output

USB terminal

    • Enclosure / Size

Steel, 1.5T (Except paint) / 645(W) — 439(D) — 1600(H) mm

    • Operating humidity

RH 95% or less


Application Field

Power plant

    • Boiler influent monitoring
    • Turbine influent monitoring
    • Condensate water monitoring
    • Demineralized water monitoring


    • Process monitoring

Purified water manufacturing process

    • Process monitoring