Water quality monitoring system of Online TP Analyzer (Low concentration) – HATP-2000L


Online TP Analyzer, HATP-2000, is a measuring equipment that quantifies total phosphorus by using absorption spectrophotometry after color formation into molybdenum blue by using ascorbic acid reduction method. The total phosphorus that is created through oxidative degradation of various phosphorus compounds are quantified through the absorption spectrophotometry after color formation into molybdenum blue. HATP-2000 has a simple configuration that has adopted the 7-port control valve to enable inflow of fixed quantity of sample and reagent for the purpose of accurate measurement. It has less clogging due to the use of a large drain, and it can automatically check the supply of sample and reagent.



Simple structure: 7-port control valve

Improved measurement accuracy

Compliance with the Standard Water Pollutant Testing Method

Built-in low-temperature reagent storage device for reagent stability

Status condition display

Functions that separately discharges
hazardous waste liquid and general liquid (Option)


In the pretreatment step, the sample is applied with potassium persulfate and acid to turn inorganic and organic phosphorus compounds into phosphate ions by using oxidative degradation. The oxidized phosphate is color formed into molybdenum blue to measure the absorbance. Absorbance measurement is conducted at the maximum absorption wavelength of phosphate ion at 880nm, and depending on the conditions of sample water at the measuring site, the measuring wavelength can be set to 710nm.


    • Measurement item

Total Phosphorus (TP) – Low concentration

    • Measurement method

Absorbance photometry (Ascorbic acid reduction method) / molybdic acid blue method

    • Measurement range


    • Wavelength

880nm (710nm alternative)

    • Measurement interval

60 minutes (Adjustable)

    • Accuracy

±3% F.S.

    • Reproducibility

±3% F.S.

    • Linearity

±3% F.S.

    • Zero/Span drift

±2% F.S.

    • Oxidation method

120°C persulfate thermal oxidation

    • Calibration

Auto/manual calibration by standard solution

    • Sample/Reagent measurement method

Photo sensor pulse control

    • Sample/Reagent distribution method

7-port distribution control method (Fixed quantity injection with multi-channel valve system)

    • Operation system

Windows 7 (CPU process) or more

    • Output

TCP/IP, DC 4~20mA, RS-232C

    • Status display

Normal operation, on calibration, error

    • Display

Color LCD 10.4″ (Touch screen)

    • Power

AC 220V, 50/60Hz

    • Power consumption

Average 150W (Maximum 450W)

    • Voltage regulation

3% or less

    • Data storage capacity

HDD 100G or more

    • Data output

USB terminal

    • Enclosure/Size

Steel, IP55 / 600(W) x 662(D) x 1700(H) mm

    • Operating humidity

RH 95% or less


Application Field

Surface water monitoring

    • River, lake, river water quality
    • Waterworks facilities (intake station and Water plant, etc.)

Water quality TMS

    • Sewage treatment plant, Wastewater treatment plant
    • Wastewater discharging facility, Rural sewage treatment facility, etc.