Yokogawa-HYBRID RECORDER (Model: DR230 )

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The DR230 is a stand-alone model which has an integrated input, output and recording section and a maximum capacity of 30 channels.

The DR230 model uses input modules which can be easily expanded from 10 to 30 channels in 10 channel increments. Alarm output modules are also available. The input and output sections of the expandable model are modularized, enabling you to freely configure the optimum data acquisition environment.
This highly reliable, expandable and economical unit was developed as the next generation hybrid recorder. It also meets a wide range of needs frosmall scale data logging to multi-point data acquisition.

  • 10 to 30 isolated inputs
  • Measurement interval: As low as 2.0 sec.
  • Flexible inputs: DC Voltage, Thermocouples, RTDs, mAmps, AC Voltage/Current, Strain, Pulse
  • Multi-point recorder and data logger in one instrument
  • Optional FDD
  • Optional Features: Alarm outputs, DI/DO, computer interface (RS-232, GPIB, RS-422/485), math functions, report functions
  • Computer control software available

DR230 Stand-Alone Model

This model has a simple building block architecture, and comes with I/O and communications module installed on the back of the main unit. You specify 10, 20 or 30 input channels, and desired options, at the time of order.

Tm Dr230 06

Simple Integrated Construction

You can connect 10, 20 or 30 channels directly to the main unit. The DR230 stand-alone model, which comes with I/O modules already installed, is a high cost performance general-purpose model.
The external appearance, recorder function, memory and communications functions of this model are identical to those of the expandable model. Because this model is of integrated construction, it can be carried about easily. 

Universal and Power Monitor Range

Universal input type permit measurement of a variety of inputs including DC voltage, thermocouple, RTD and contact signals.
Low cost type intended specifically for measuring voltage and thermocouple signals are available. You can also select power monitor (optional) for measuring AC voltage and current. 

A variety of options, including general-purpose communications and DI/DO functions are available.

General-purpose communications (GP-IB, RS-232C, RS-422A/485 and Ethernet), 10 form C alarm output relays, DI/DO (2 alarm relays, remote control of recorder, CPU fail and chart end contacts).
Specify your required options when ordering. 

DR230 Technology

The history of Yokogawa in strip chart recording instruments can be summarized by its providing the most reliable and readable recorders, with unmatched performance, over the last fifteen years. In 1981, Yokogawa developed the Model 3088 hybrid recorder which was the first dot printing type recorder in the world to contain a microprocessor. Since then, we have continued to make many technical breakthroughs, including the non-contact ultrasonic position detector, and high breakdown voltage (HBV) solid state relay, continuing to advance what you can achieve in multipoint recording closer to your ideal.Many of these innovations can be found in the DR230. 

Advanced carriage drive

The carriage drive section of the dot printer head employs a screw shaft which is unique for a strip chart recorder. The drive belt and wire cable have been removed, resulting in increased reliability.

Integration of the design, manufacture and quality evaluation system

Routine installation work is automated, preventing careless mistakes during the production process from assembly through inspection. The result is a high grade, highly reliable product.
We also use precision test equipment on the production line to further increase reliability.

The DR230 provides many economic benefits for the user, such as reduced wiring for remote measurement, space saving due to compact design, and optimized signal conversion costs due to the availability of a large variety of input modules.
In addition, it provides superb environmental ruggedness, and onboard computation and memory functions, enabling it to be used for a wide range of applications.

Complete channel isolation and high-voltage measurement

Channels at the input circuit are fully isolated with high-voltage solid-state relays.*1 The DR230 can withstand a common-mode voltage of up to 250 VAC*2 rms and a withstanding voltage of up to 1500 VAC*2 (for a duration of one minute). These features ensure that the model is even applicable to multi-point measurement in the field.
*1: RTD and pulse inputs share a common line within the same module.
*2: Depends on module types.

Superb environmental ruggedness

Every effort has been made in the design of the DR230 to reduce power consumption, thereby minimizing temperature rise. As a result, the subunits can be operated over an ambient temperture range of -10 to 60 degreea C. It can also withstand severe conditions encoutered in the field. 

Space saving due to compact design

The depth of the main unit of the DR230 hybrid recorder has been greatly reduced: It is about 60%*¹ of previous models in the case of the 60-channel model, and about 80%*² in the case of the 30-channel general-purpose model. Also, the use of high breakdown voltage solid state relays and a planar transformer developed by YOKOGAWA has enabled the volume of the 60-point input remote measurement section to be reduced to 1/5*³ of that of previous models, resulting in a highly compact unit. The mass of the unit has also been reduced to about 1/2*¹. This makes for more efficient use of control room or laboratory space and reduces toal costs.

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