A&D-TENSILON (Model:RTF Series)

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The TENSILON RTF is our newest universal testing machine offering innovative measuring possibilities, based on A&D's newly-developed and extensive technological knowledge. The RTF Series is a world-class Class 0.5 testing machine. Having improved the overall design and structure of the machine, we achieved a very strong load frame stiffness enabling super-high accuracy in measurement. We also took the informed opinions of machine operators into consideration in order to improve the performance and functions of our model. The TENSILON RTF Series heralds the beginning of a new era in measurement.

Features A&D's world-class Class 0.5 testing machine
Load frame stiffness has been greatly improved by 30%
Rated output accuracy of up to 1/500 is guaranteed
High-speed sampling:1 msec
A maximum of 13 input signal channels
Color touch panel (optional)
Various operational environments

Color Touch panel
The color touch panel offers superb visibility and easier operation.
Either the color touch panel OP-01 or MSAT data procesing software (on a personal computer) can be selected for user interface.
Touch Panel MSAT Display Commander Recorder
RTF with Touch panel OP-01 Optional Optional Optional Optional
Test Screen

The main window for displaying a graph and starting a test
Mode Selection

Select testing mode
Condition Measurement

Setting test speed, such as constant crosshead
speed and constant load increase speed
Operation Window

Ultra-fine, fine and coarse adjustments possible
Load Calibration

Simple load calibration with the touch of a button
MSAT (Multi Signal Analysis Testing)
Data processing software
The MSAT series is equipped with functions for not only testing machine operation but also data analysis, calculation and data storage for each testing mode. The operator can select Standard test (tensile, compression and bending) mode, Peeling test mode, Cycle test mode, Creep test mode, Stress relaxation test mode etc. depending on the purpose of the test.
PC operation environment OS: Windows XP Professional. Program size: 80Mb or smaller. Memory requirement: 512Mb or over. Authority requirement: Administrator authority. USB: One USB port. Display resolution: 800×600 dots or higher color display .
Touch Panel MSAT Display Commander Recorder
MSAT Optional Standard
Optional Optional Optional
Standard layout setting during a measurement

Status Display Window,
Graph Display Window and Table Display Window

Operation Conditions Window, Sample Information Window,
Detailed Conditions Window, Dimension Table Window

Analysis Condition Window, Table Display Window,
Arbitrary Formula Window

Reanalysis Window
Display & Commander
RTF series with user interface for advanced operation
Detachable digital display for load and displacement indication. This display can be attached with magnets to any part of the machine and it does not obstruct the user when fixing a sample to the jig or testing a sample as its position can be freely adjusted.
Fixing method Magnet attachment method
Display data Load/displacement
Load 6-digit indication
Displacement 6-digit indication
6-digit indication
The indication unit will be automatically selected from kN, N, mN or N.
1/1000 display at minimum
The detachable display offers a more organized and efficient workspace.
Handy compact commander for testing machine control. This commander can be attached to the top, bottom, left or right of the testing machine digital display for load and displacement indication.

The commander's manual operation buttons are ergonomically designed with bright colors and varied sizes for superior ease-of-use. The jog dial on the right hand side of the commander offers extra flexible control and the operator can move the crosshead up and down by manually rotating this dial.
A&D's wide range of applied products for even more advanced applications :
Applied test jigs for strength measurement
Screw action jaws
Air jaws
Compression cage
Wedge action jaws
Compression test jig
Compression type bending test jig
Applied testing devices for elongation measurement
SG series strain gauge device for measuring
distance between gauge marks
Non-contact extensometer between gauge marks
LOT SET Application
Excel PU
Quality control application
Applied testing devices for temperature / environment test

· Constant temperature / constant humidity testing devices
· High temperature testing devices
· Ultra-low temperature testing devices
· High humidity in gas atmosphere testing devices
· High humidity in vacuum testing devices
· Dipping testing devices
Data Recorder
Analog recorder (AR-6600-7)

This recorder is equipped with a control panel providing easy setup with one-touch zero-span adjustment and auto ranging.
Load frame table
Dimensions (mm)
RTF-20 for RTF-1310, RTF-1250, RTF-1225 and RTF-1210 680(W)x555(D)x630(H)
RTF-22 for RTF-1350 and RTF-1325 897(W)x650(D)x460(H)
Recorder table (Wing)
Dimensions (mm)
RTF-21 for RTF-1350 and RTF-1325 420mm(W)x430mm(D)
Can be mounted on either the right or left side.
RTF-23 for RTF-1310, RTF-1250, RTF-1225 and RTF-1210 420mm(W)x430mm(D)
Can be mounted on either the right or left side.

Wing (sold separately)


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RTF-2430 RTF-2425 RTF-2410 RTF-2350 RTF-2325
Loading System Closed-loop micro-computer controlled digital servo mechanism
Maximum Capacity 300kN 250kN 100kN 50kN 25kN
Test Width (mm) 590mm
Crosshead Stroke (mm) 1370mm 1160mm 1180mm 1210mm
Effective Stroke (mm) 625mm 720mm 798mm 828mm
Crosshead Speed (mm/min) 0.0005 – 500mm/min 0.0005 – 1000mm/min
Speed Accuracy ±0.1%
Crosshead Return Speed (mm/min) 500mm/min or 250mm/min 1000mm/min or 500mm/min
Load Measurement Accuracy ±1% of indicated value ±0.5% of indicated value
Load Range Full Auto Range ( max. 128 times)
Load Calibration One touch auto-calibration
Safety Function for overloading Provided
Sample Break Detection Provided