Chandler Engineering-Viscometer (Model:5550)

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A Critical Tool for Oil Field Fluids
The Model 5550 HPHT Viscometer is a concentric cylinder viscometer that uses the rotor and bob geometry accepted by the energy industry. Its design meets the requirements set forth in ISO and API standards for viscosity measurement of completion fluids at high pressure and high temperature.

Engineering Excellence for Superior Performance 
The small, bench-top Model 5550 is engineered with a number of features that make it both highly accurate and very reliable. The instrument’s temperature control system uses a sliding carbon-block heater which provides precise control while eliminating the oils and circulators associated with liquid high-temperature baths. The rotor drive employs an accurate, high precision speed control system for precise shear rate control. Torque measurements are performed by a highly accurate digital sensor which is external to the sample cell to avoid corrosion or abrasion. The proprietary design of the bob’s shaft serves as a very effective climb arrestor which keeps the sample in the measurement region of the cell and away from critical rod seals and bearings. This 
combination of benefits provides better test results while prolonging the life of key components. Should the bob’s shaft bearings need replacing, a user will be pleased to discover that he can replace them in less than ten minutes compliments of the best-engineered design on the market.

Operational Simplicity 
The Model 5550 Viscometer is simple to operate. All of the basic operational controls are conveniently located on the front panel. Test schedule programming, control and data acquisition are provided by the Chandler Rheo 5000 software, which operates on an independent computer. The control system provides automatic temperature and pressure profile control, motor speed profiles, and automatic calibration capabilities. The software also features real time displays of test parameters and results. All data is easily exported to a spreadsheet file for archiving and data sharing.


•  External Digital Torque Measurement 
•  Dry, Carbon Heating Block Simplified Head Design 
•  Highly Effective Gel Climb Arrestor 
•  Rheo 5000 Data Acquisition And Control Software 
•  Automatic Calibration 
•  HASTELLOY® C-276 Wetted Components

Temperature, Maximum:
  500°F / 260°C 
Pressure, Maximum: 2,000 psi / 13.9 MPa 
Shear Rate Range**:  0.17 to 1700 sec-1 (0.1 to 1000 rpm) with standard R1 rotor & B1 bob combination 
Shear Rate Accuracy:  ±0.01 rpm 
Shear Stress, Maximum:  4900 dyne/cm2 (F440 spring)** 
Cool Down:  Less than 15 minutes typical 
Heating Power:  1200 watts 
Heater Style:  Oil-Free sliding carbon block 
Data Acquisition:  Rheo 5000 Application & Control Software 
Wetted Parts:  HASTELLOY® C-276 Rotor, Bob and Bob Shaft – Standard 
Tech Standards:  ISO 13503-1, API RP 39

Power Requirements: 
 110VAC 11A, 50/60 Hz or 220VAC 6A, 50/60 Hz ± 10% 

Physical Dimensions 
  (w x d x h) 11 in. x 16 in. x 25 in. / 30 x 41 x 56 cm 

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