EMTEST-Digital Power analyzer for harmonics & flicker testing (Model: DPA 500N)

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  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Internal hard disk for data storage
  • 16-Bit A/D converter
  • Wide-range current input
  • Wide-range voltage input
  • Built-in lumped flicker impedance
  • High-sophisticated analyzing capability
  • USB interface for control and data transfer


DPA 500N – Full-compliant single phase harmonics and flicker analyzer

Harmonics and interharmonics are caused by modern electronic power conditioning modules. Such, mostly non-linear, modules to control loads and to reduce power consumption is the source of voltage at unwanted frequencies superposed on the supply voltage.
Voltage fluctuations caused by varying load currents may influence the luminance or the spectral distribution of lighting systems. The impression of the unsteadiness of visual sensation induced by this light stimulus is called flicker.
The DPA500N harmonics and flicker analyzer is used for single phase applications.

The fully compliant harmonics and flicker analyzer

The DPA 500N is a fully compliant analyzer for harmonics and flicker as per the latest IEC/EN 61000-3-2, IEC/EN 61000-3-3 and JIS C 61000-3-2 requirements. It follows the design specifications as per IEC/EN 61000-4-7:2002 and Am.1:2008 (for Class A instruments) and IEC/EN 61000-4-15:2010.
Based on a real-time kernel and equipped with its own harddisk it allows to record the measuring data continuously without any gaps or overlapping. The rectangular measurement window is synchronized to each group of 10 or 12 cycles of the mains supply frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) by means of a digital PLL (Phase Lock Loop). A wide-range current input (up to 50A) avoids loss of measured data due to range switching that would occur when using different shunt resistors.
The classification of the measurement can be selected at any time, before or after the measurement has been performed. During all measurements the AC supply voltage is measured simultaneously with the current.
The built-in flicker impedance, which is automatically selected when doing flicker measurement, makes the 
DPA 500N a complete single-box unit for both harmonics and flicker analysis.
By means of an external current clamp (optional) the current range can be extended up to 140Arms and more.

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