Signal Recovery-Power Booster Potentiostat/Galvanostat

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Maximum applied polarization 50 V/25 A

  • Frequency range 10 µHz to 100 kHz
  • Compatible with Solartron potentiostats including 1280, 1285A, 1287A, 1470E, 1480A and 1470A
  • Compatible with Solartron FRAs including, 1250, 1252A, 1253A, 1255, 1260A, 1455, 1451 (with appropriate potentiostat)
  • Compatible with CellTest® Software and MultiStat, ZPlot/CorrWare (downloadable from

Applications include:

  • Development of energy sources for laptop PCs, mobile phones and power tools.
  • Fuel cell and supercapacitor research for electric vehicle or standby power.
  • Battery research including the new generation 42V lead acid automotive batteries.
  • Electrochemical etching and electroplating.

For DC test work, an extensive range of techniques are available for use with these boosters.

  • potentiostatic/galvanostatic
  • cyclic voltammetry
  • ohmic drop
  • high-speed voltage/current pulse techniques (e.g. for testing GMS mobile phone and satellite communication energy storage devices)

When used for measuring AC impedance, the following analysis techniques are available depending on the chosen configuration of potentiostat and FRA:

  • Swept sine analysis – for ultimate accuracy and repeatability
  • Multi-sine / Fast Fourier Transform (FET) – for fast impedance analysis
  • Harmonic analysis – for optimization of stimulus levels and detection of noise and interference

The frequency range of the power booster is 10 µHz to 100 kHz allowing a wide range of energy storage devices to be characterized over their full frequency range.

These power boosters are fully integrated with the full range of Solartron single and multi-channel software packages. All scaling factors and control issues are taken care of by the software.

High Performance . . .
These power boosters are designed to operate with Solartron single and multi-channel potentiostats.

  • Floating design – enables tests on grounded cells
  • Simultaneous DC and impedance tests on short stack fuel cells and individual cells within the stack (depending on potentiostat capability)
  • Choice of models with up to 50V / 25A range
  • 100 kHz impedance measurement bandwidth for SOFC and other high frequency applications
  • Automatically controlled by the potentiostat

Choice of Models
Four models are available, as follows:

Model Number
Boost 12V20A  
Boost 24V10A
Boost 50V5A
Boost 50V25A
    Output Range
   +12V / -3V, ±20A
   +24V / -3V, ±10A
   +50V / -3V, ±5A
   +50V / -3V, 0 to -25A*


Voltage Drive
Maximum Voltage Depends on booster model
Voltage Scaling  x10
Voltage Ranges Selected by potentiostat
Voltage Accuracy ±0.1% of full scale 
Voltage Monitor
Scaling 1/10 of Cell Voltage
Range Current Drive 0 to +5V, corresponding to 0 to +50V 
Maximum Current Depends on booster model
Current Scaling x1000
Current Ranges Selected by potentiostat
Current Accuracy ±0.1% of full scale
Current Monitor
Scaling 1/1000 of Cell Current
Range Cell Connections 0 to ±25 mA, corresponding to 0 to ±25A
Drive 2 x 4 mm banana plug
Sense 2 x 4 mm banana plug
Potentiostat Connections (included) 
Cable Set for 1287, 1285, 1280
Cable Set for Front Panel Controls 1470, 1480 Cell Test System
Stop Button Mechanical latching
Power Consumption 500 VA
Supply (single phase) 47-63 Hz, 90 V to 264 V
Dimensions (w x h x d) 8.25 in (210 mm), 10 in (254 mm), 17.75in (451 mm)
Weight 13.5 kg (30 lbs)

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