Solartron Analytical – Potentiostat, HV 100 / HV 30, Booster 2A, Femto Ammeter Modules (Model:ModuLab ECS)

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The ModuLab system from Solartron Analytical is a high performance reference grade potentiostat / galvanostat system using a plug-and-play modular architecture to offer a wide range of features and benefits. Options include frequency response analyzers, high voltage cell polarization, low current measurement capability and power boosters.


ModuLab systems comprise a chassis with power supply and display panel, and with either four or eight available slots, into which ModuLab modules may be inserted. As a minimum the system is fitted with one or more potentiostat modules; each of these in turn can then support one or more accessory cards, which include a frequency response analyzer, power booster, high voltage cards, and a femto ammeter for measuring very weak signal currents.

The system is controlled via an Ethernet interface from a PC running Windows XP or Vista using one of two available software packages:

  • The ModuLab operating software is included in the system price and is a very flexible and comprehensive package for electrochemical research. A large selection of experiment types is provided, from standard open circuit and cyclic voltammetry tests to complete multi-step sequences that can include sample preparation, potentiostatic / galvanostatic ramp and pulse techniques, and integrated impedance analysis.
  • Alternatively, for Solartron Analytical users who are familiar with software for our existing systems, supplied by Scribner Associates, then the system can also be controlled from the Zplot.Lab software that they have developed for us.

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System Components
Model Pstat 1MS/s (2087A) Potentiostat/Galvanostat Module – includes
ModuLab software for PC
This module makes use of the latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology to provide accurate experiment control, high-speed data acquisition, data averaging and responsive safety and step limit detection. It provides:

  • Smooth waveform generation using high sample rates (64 MS/s) and interpolation filtering to deliver the accuracy, stability and control of digital waveform technology with all of the smoothness of analogue techniques.
  • High-speed data acquisition up to 1 MS/s used for pulse and fast CV techniques.
  • Exceptional bandwidth for accurate and reliable high-speed CV, pulse and impedance measurements at all frequencies and impedance levels (using an FRA option).
  • Floating electrode capability for measurements on grounded cells, autoclaves, pipelines and storage tanks.
  • Flexible experiment sequencing that allows high data acquisition rates at those specific points in the experiment where it is needed, e.g. for analysis of pulses or high speed CVs.
  • An extensive range of analytical electrochemistry techniques, plus the ability to sequence techniques to perform charge / discharge cycling, chronoamperometry and combined DC and impedance experiments.
  • Instantaneous switching between experiment steps provides a great deal of flexibility for defining charge / discharge experiment protocols for battery applications and for analytical applications

Model Pstat Aux (20874A) Auxiliary input option for model 2087A
This option adds four (differential) auxiliary voltage inputs to the core potentiostat. Auxiliary voltage inputs are an extremely flexible addition to the system that provide:

  • Synchronized differential DC voltage measurements from parts of a test cell, e.g. across an anode or cathode in a battery or across individual cells in a stack.
  • Anode / cathode impedance measurements (FRA option required)
  • Synchronized DC voltage measurements from external monitoring equipment such as pH meters, pressure transducers, light sensors etc.

Model FRA 1MHz (2055A) Frequency Response Analyzer – upper frequency 1 MHz
Model FRA 300kHz (2053A) Frequency Response Analyzer – upper frequency 300 kHz
The frequency response analyzers (FRA) used in the ModuLab system are the highest performance analyzers available today. The FRA is able to measure in all of the following modes of operation across its entire frequency range (from 10 μHz to 300 kHz / 1 MHz):

  • Single sine correlation provides unbeatable measurement accuracy and repeatability. The ModuLab FRA takes impedance measurement performance to a higher level by combining the best quality analog hardware design with the latest generation high-speed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology to provide even greater measurement speed and accuracy (1 MHz to 10 Hz, 10 points / decade in just five seconds).
  • Multi-sine / Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis provides even faster measurement by stimulating and measuring multiple user selectable frequencies at the same time. This is especially useful for low frequency analysis and for measurements on time-variant or unstable cells. Multi-sine / FFT measurements are so fast that they can often be taken before the cell response changes.
  • Harmonic Analysis utilizes the FFT analysis technique together with single or multiple frequency stimulation in order to investigate linearity and distortion. This provides information that may be used to optimize the stimulus signal level. The technique is also used in fuel cell state of health diagnostics and for corrosion rate analysis.
  • AC Voltammetry and potentiometry using any of the above techniques over the full frequency range.

Model HV 30 (20872A) High Voltage Booster Module – maximum output ± 30 V
Model HV 100 (20871A) High Voltage Booster Module – maximum output ± 100 V
The standard ModuLab potentiostat can provide up to ±8 V stimulus to the cell. At times however, higher voltage is needed, for example when testing a fuel cell stack. The HV options provide high voltage polarization as well as compliance. The HV options have four auxiliary channels as standard (each operating over the same high voltage range as the main reference inputs) allowing both DC and impedance tests to be performed looking for individual bad cells in a high voltage fuel cell stack. Multiplexers can also be added allowing as many cells as required to be tested (DC and impedance) within the stack.

Model Booster 2A (208710A) High Current Booster Module – maximum output ± 2 A
ModuLab’s standard current range can be extended by addition of the Booster 2A option. If higher current is needed, external boosters up to 50 V / 25 A may also be added to the system.

Model Femto Ammeter (20873A) Module
The standard ModuLab core potentiostat (Model 2087A) is able to resolve 1 pA. This resolution is sufficient for many types of cell but for more demanding applications, e.g. microelectrode studies, high impedance fuel cell membranes, nanotechnology (carbon nano-tubes) and for corrosion / coatings applications on very high impedance samples, more sensitive DC current measurement may be needed.

The femto ammeter option is designed to resolve extremely low current levels (100 aA). It may also be used in combination with the FRA and HV high voltage options to measure extremely high impedance cells (>100 Tohms).

Model Chas 04 (2101A) Chassis for up to four modules with power supply and display
Model Chas 08 (2100A) Chassis for up to eight modules with power supply and display

These chasses are used to house and power ModuLab modules.

If currents greater than 2 A are to be generated, the system may be used with one of our External Power Boosters

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Potentiostat, HV 100/HV 30, Booster 2A, Femto Ammeter Modules



Internal Options

General Potentiostat HV 100 / HV 30 Booster 2A Femto Ammeter
Slots taken 1 slot 1 slot 2 slots 1 slot
Cell connections 2, 3 or 4 terminal 2, 3 or 4 terminal 2, 3 or 4 terminal 2, 3 or 4 terminal
Instrument Connections CE, WE, RE, LO CE, WE, RE, LO CE, WE WE, LO
Floating measurements yes yes yes yes
Impedance measurement bandwidth 1 MHz (via FRA) 1 MHz (via FRA) 1 MHz (via FRA) 1 MHz (via FRA)
Maximum ADC sample rate 1 MS/s
Smooth scan generator 64 MS/s interpolated and filtered
Maximum time record Unlimited
DC scan rate (potentiostatic) 1.6 MV/s 
1 µV/s 1
10 MV/s 
1 µV/s 1
1.6 MV/s 
1 µV/s 1
DC scan rate (galvanostatic) 60 kA/s to 200 µA/s 1 10 kA/s 
200 µA/s 1
400 kA/s 
200 µA/s 1
Minimum pulse duration 1 µs
IR compensation yes
Counter Electrode (CE) Potentiostat HV 100/HV 30 Booster 2A Femto Ammeter
Voltage polarization range ±8 V ±100 V / ±30 V ±20 V (2)
Current polarization range ±300 mA ±100 mA / ±200 mA ±2 A
Maximum compliance (CE vs. LO) ±8 V ±100 V / ±30 v ±2 V
Bandwidth (decade steps) 1 MHz to 10 Hz 1 MHz to 10 Hz  1 MHz to 10 Hz
Polarization V / I error (setting + range) 0.1% + 0.1%
Slew rate >10 V/µs >10 V/µs >10 V/µs
Reference Inputs (RE) Potentiostat HV 100 / HV 30 Booster 2A Femto Ammeter
Connections Differential input Differential input Core or HV Core or HV
Cable shields Driven/Ground (3) Driven/Ground (3)
Maximum voltage measurement ±8 V ±100 V / ±30 V
Ranges 8 V to 3 mV 100 v to 3.75 mV
Accuracy (reading % + range % + offset) 0.1%+0.05%+100 µV 0.1%+0.05%+100 µV
Maximum resolution 1 µV 1.25 µV
Input impedance >100 GΩ
<28 pF 3
>100 GΩ
 <28 pF 3
Input bias current <10 pA <10 pA
Working Electrode (WE) Potentiostat Hv 100 / Hv 30 Booster 2A Femto Ammeter
Maximum current ±300 mA ±100 mA / ±200 mA ±2A ±300 mA
Ranges 300 mA to 30 nA 300 mA to 30 nA 3 A to 30 nA 300 mA to 3 pA
Accuracy (reading % + range % + offset) 0.1%+0.05%+30 fA 0.1%+0.05%+
30 fA
0.1%+0.05%+30 fA 0.1%+0.05%+30 fA 4
Maximum resolution 1.5 pA 1.5 pA 1.5 pA 0.15 fA
Compliance voltage range (floating) ±8 V ±100 V / ±30 v ±20 V 2 ±100 V
Auxiliary electrodes (A, B, C, D) Potentiostat HV 100 / 30 HV Booster 2A Femto Ammeter
Connections 4 (each differential) 4 (each differential) core or HV RE used core or HV RE used
Specification Same as RE above 3 Same as RE above 3
DC Measurement Synchronized to RE Synchronized to RE
Impedance measurement bandwidth 1 MHz (via FRA) 1 MHz (via FRA)

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