Industrial Fans for Food and Dairy Processing Equipment


Industrial Fans for Food and Dairy Processing Equipment
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Công ty TNHH Giải pháp và Công nghệ Đo lường INO, nhà cung cấp các thiết bị đo lường và tự động hóa công nghiệp. – Industrial Fans used with food and dairy processing equipment must comply with strict guidelines to ensure food safety.

Processing equipment, such as a spray dryer, fluid bed dryer, and baghouse, are often used in making food and dairy products. This equipment uses industrial fans in the manufacturing process, and different fan options should be considered to comply with food safety guidelines. From the materials, the welding process and proper finishes to the ability to clean during use, fans for food and dairy processing require careful selection, planning and assembly. To learn more about how your industrial fans can meet Federal and State guidelines and keep your operations, products and customers safe and healthy, check out this 2½ minute video and follow up with an experienced application engineer.

Looking for more information to help with fan specification and/or selection? Visit: our Blog on Industrial Fans for Food and Dairy Processing or Contact Us with inquiries.

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Dairy and food processing equipment requires detailed customizations to make them clean and sanitary. Different Federal and State guidelines apply as to how industrial fans should be manufactured to ensure that processed food and dairy products are not contaminated by bacteria. These guidelines determine the construction materials, welding process, cleaning and sealing capabilities with final finish and coating procedures. Let’s take a look at some of the requirements we see. Most dairy and food processing applications require stainless steel fans. For some, only the fan airstream parts are stainless, while others dictate the entire fan be stainless steel, including the motors and OSHA safety guards. In addition to the construction materials, the welding process also matters. The welds need to be smooth and continuous, preventing any crevices where bacteria can lodge. The fan airstream components are often TIG-welded, to provide such high-quality welds. In order for the fans to remain sanitary, they should be easy to clean. It’s essential that the fan design allows cleaning during use, with easy removal of all cleaning fluids. Clean and place nozzles inside the fan housing, along with a drain system at the bottom of the housing to make this possible. When processing dairy or food products, the fan seals and gaskets should not be ignored. Teflon shaft seals and housing gaskets are used to provide food-grade sealing capabilities. As you might guess, the final finishes and coatings are vitally important. The options are different depending on how the fans will be used. It may be necessary to remove weld discoloration with chemical treatment, or with glass bead blasting. Other applications require a more extensive process, where the welds and stainless steel materials must be polished to a 32 micro inch finish. Additionally, a simple epoxy finish is often applied to any non stainless steel components. All of these options may or may not be required for your application. Reach out and connect with one of our application engineers to discuss which options you may need.


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