Droptest System, product quality control system through collisions, falling


Drop test programs is designed for the products having high requirements on stability in the harsh conditions of use regularly subject to bumps, drops falling from a certain height …

Function : Check the stability of the operating parameters of the product under test conditions like as drop, knock.

Drop test distance: 10cm

Drop: 50-100 times

Interface and system Droptest:

Control program: the date and time of conducting the test, Serial number of the product, the number of workers made, the number of test products, the value of the operating parameters of the product before the test, during the test and finish the test. Data stored on the database.Automatically evaluate test results, print the datasheet of the product. Automatically send email alerts when the test does not meet or valuable, abnormal test results.

Droptest software.jpg

The equipment and hardware used:

  • DC motors
  • Counter counter
  • Power meter
  • Power supply input signal
  • Sensor
  • The signal acquisition card
  • LabVIEW software.

Equipment & Hardware thong.jpg

Display results

Drop test result.jpg

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