Future intelligent devices


New DC Motors for Industrial Automation
Hansen Corp.

New DC Motors for Industrial Automation Speed and torque options are both enhanced by adding gear boxes to DC brush motors. Planetary gearing provides the high precision, high load capabilities many industrial automation applications require while spur gearing offers a low-cost solution where precision and load are less critical. Review new DC motors!

Electric Actuators for Demanding Applications
ProMation Engineering, Inc.

Electric Actuators for Demanding Applications Industrial applications require precision actuation with control flexibility and standard features for advanced solutions. ProMation P-Series Industrial Actuators offer intelligent design, have the highest reliability rating, and never drain the budget.

• Torque range of 600-40,500 lbs
• Features include Auxiliary Switches, Heater, and NEMA4X Rating
• Range of operating voltages
• Many options available

BetaGauge 321A-EX Intrinsically Safe Pressure Calibrator
Martel Electronics Corporation

BetaGauge 321A-EX Intrinsically Safe Pressure Calibrator The single sensor BetaGauge 311A-EX/dual sensor BetaGauge 321A-EX have everything you need for calibrating pressure. Custody transfer is the ideal application for the BetaGuage 321A-EX. Create a custom configuration by selecting from any two ranges from 10 in. WC to 10,000 psi. Absolute and differential types can also be selected.

Lumberg Automation™ Eight-Pole M8 Actuator/Sensor Connectors
Lumberg Automation — A Belden Brand

Lumberg Automation™ Eight-Pole M8 Actuator/Sensor Connectors Belden announces the world's first family of M8 Eight-Pole Connectors from Lumberg Automation, allowing users to transmit up to eight signals with only one connector using an external power supply. This is particularly advantageous when connecting optoelectronic sensors or safety switches in applications such as monitoring safety doors on machinery and equipment. Read more.

Industrial Computers, Systems & Controllers . . .
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Not Quite a Controller Programming Standard

Not Quite a Controller Programming Standard IEC 61131-3 is meant to move control system programming from proprietary platforms to a common environment. The specification attempts to normalize code development by standardizing program entry, instruction visualization, data types, and syntax. This provides some commonality, but implementations don't always interoperate as this report from ControlGlobal.com explains.

Dealing with Data Overload

Dealing with Data Overload How can you maximize manufacturing quality and yield when instrument readouts and other measurements overwhelm your workforce with data? When evaluating batch manufacturing processes, what's the best way to account for input interactions, process variables, and output quality characteristics? ChemicalProcessing.com explains how "online analytics improves batch operations."

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Communications & Connectivity . . .
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Keeping Industrial Networks Healthy

Keeping Industrial Networks Healthy Many manufacturers maintain networks that use more than one communications protocol. These plants need diagnostic tools that can manage this kind of diversity. Automation.com examines a web-based, cross-protocol network system that can remotely monitor PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and Industrial Ethernet. As shown in this video, the system allows integration of diagnostic information into higher-level systems and identifies parts in use and components to be replaced.

The Drive for Mobility on the Factory Floor

The Drive for Mobility on the Factory Floor Manufacturing is changing. Factory workers are migrating from the control room to the factory floor, where they increasingly must interact directly with equipment, business systems, and suppliers. Centralized technical expertise, coupled with distributed operations, require remote access to support follow-the-sun maintenance services. What provides the connectivity that enables all these processes? Mobile information systems.

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Gas Springs for Lifting Covers, Hatches, and More
ACE Controls Inc.

Gas Springs for Lifting Covers, Hatches, and  More ACE Gas Springs provide counterbalance motion control for lifting and lowering covers, lids, panels, hoods, and hatches.

Fixed force and adjustable models available with push and pull type designs.

Solid, long life construction, precision steel body and treated steel rod. Wide variety of body diameters, forces, stroke lengths, and end fittings.

Protect Your Investment

Yellow Jacket, Inc.

Protect Your Investment Yellow Jacket Inc.™ is the world's most popular cable protector manufacturer because it's the original and the best. The factory floor is no place down time due to damaged cable lines. Where ever cable protection is needed Yellow Jacket Inc.™ has the solution.

New BTU/H Calculator Mobile App is Without Cost
Thermal Edge, Inc.

New BTU/H Calculator Mobile App is Without Cost Use your web enabled phone to use the Thermal Edge BTU/H calculator to properly size the enclosure air conditioner, heat exchanger or fan package for your application. Enter the information just as you would from your desktop. Take the guesswork out of this very important process. Visit us at www.thermal-edge.com/calculator to use this new tool.

Snapshot About Our FlexPlus Controller

Cambridge Machinery

Snapshot About Our FlexPlus Controller Cambridge Machinery represents Comco Corporation and the KEINS line of tube forming equipment. Comco, a Japanese company, manufactures controllers, high-quality CNC tube benders, NC benders, dual head benders, end formers, end finishers, cutters, feed from coil rotary cutters, spinners, swagers, and much more.

Power Strategies . . .
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More Options for Motors and Drives

More Options for Motors and Drives As this report from Food Engineering illustrates, engineers no longer need to build manufacturing processes around off-the-shelf motors and drives. A growing number of suppliers are willing to meet application specific requirements, making customization standard. In the food and beverage industry, this means stainless steel to withstand harsh environments, enhanced energy efficiency, reduced wiring, and simple programmability.

Mechanical vs Electronic Drives

Mechanical vs Electronic Drives Don't discount mechanical drives because you think they're low tech. Improvements in machining and materials have made them more competitive with electronic drives. Engineeringtalk explores the strengths and weaknesses of both technologies and explains which applications each serves best. For instance, mechanical drives are more cost effective in high-torque applications, but electronic drives do well when a fast response or changes in motion are required.

Instruments, Sensors & Networking . . .
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Go Wireless Without Batteries

Go Wireless Without Batteries Why do engineers resist using wireless sensors for process measurements? Two reasons have been the maintenance costs and the operational risks posed by field-mounted batteries. SA Instrumentation & Control explores one alternative by examining the game-changing potential of energy harvesting, with a focus on the pros and cons of the leading technologies. To date, no single approach can serve all industrial applications.

What Smart Instruments Can Do for You

What Smart Instruments Can Do for You "Smart instrumentation" is a phrase that people use without knowing what it means in real-world terms. This Plant Engineering tutorial remedies that by tracing the evolution of the technology and providing an in-depth description of its changing functionality. The description covers measurement, troubleshooting, fault detection, communications, interfaces, and safety features. Perhaps most interesting is the picture it paints of future intelligent devices.

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Needle Bearing
STILBearing Co., Ltd.

Needle Bearing Our quality needle bearing are developed with advanced design. Features include:

• Drawn cup needle roller bearings
• Axial needle roller/cylindrical roller bearing, washer, and cage assemblies
• Drawn cup roller clutches
• Yoke type/Stud type track rollers

Performance Driven Automation Systems
Arthur G. Russell

Performance Driven Automation Systems AG Russell understands your automation needs. With 60 years of experience designing, building, and installing automation systems and equipment we have helped get thousands of products into the market place. We know that quality and dependability are as important on the assembly line as in the final product.