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Major issue – Ensuring safety
Our exploders integrate a safety pyrotechnical ohmmeter allowing to limit and control CURRENT, even in case of failure (continuity test).

All versions are equipped with a powerful SQUARE PULSE GENERATOR of current that controls the energy injected into the initiator.

  • Very short rising time (< 10 µ s)
  • No overshoot
  • Residual discharges are removed in order to prevent inopportune activation (Thanks to short circuit of shot firing cables)
  • Various safety modules ensure user safety: key, push rod protected, external safety entrance for door / gate contact switches
The calibration of pyrotechnical firing units shall be yearly carried out, as well as a comprehensive checking of the safety functions of the equipment.
Technical features
  • Programmable current (1% accuracy)
  • Programmable timing
  • Isolated floating shot firing cable
  • Embedded safety ohmmeter
  • 3 synchronization outputs (zero time, crenel current, current image)
  • Optional remotre control of the cycle SAFE AUTHORIZATION OF FIRE
Specifications MF 28.1 MF 28.2 MF 28.4
Channel number 1 2 – for simultaneous firing 4
Programmable current 1 / 10 A
Programmable timing 0.1 ms – 999 s
Step of 10 µs
Firing line ohmmeter 0 / 10 Ω
Programmable delayed trigger
Detection of charge failure Cable current inhibited from the first breaking of the igniter (option to be activated by users)
Delayed output 1 ms / 99 ms
Current copy 0 / 10 V for 0 / 5 A insulated
Communication Optional RS 232
Wide range of options to customize the firing unit – MF 28 TTT: Programmable current 100 mA / 500 mA with 1 mA step
– Programmation of optional parameters
– Current copy (1 output per channel)
– Resistance measurement: Up to 20 Ω
– Capacitive discharge
… Please contact us for further options to fit your requirements

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