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Two types of conditions define the user safety
– Measurement conditions:
  • A current of measurement much lower than the current of non-fire
  • A connection on the line of test only for the activated period of measurement
  • A flow of the residual electrical charges
– Safety conditions:
  • The respect of a safety level of maximum current if there is a problem with the equipments (breakdown of electronics, internal short-circuit,…)
  • Permanent self-checking of the internal functions of our equipments before connection on the measurement channel
Measurement principle
The Ohmmeter works according a principle of measurement based on 4 wires, which makes it possible to be freed from parasitic resistances of lines. The principle relies on an internal device of permanent selfcalibration which guarantees, over a short and long-term period of time, the high reliability of the measurements carried out by continuously correcting the drifts of profit and Offset.

All parameter settings are entered by keyboard with a locking of the parameters by key. Our units are equipped with dry contact output and a RS232 connection that allows process automation and implementation of traceability.

On demand, our existing products can be adapted to your specific requirements: Adapted protocole RS232, other testing voltage or measuring current, integration, processing software…
We suggest to yearly carry out the calibration and to control the safety functions of your equipments.

Typical applications
– Automotive airbag inflator / module electrical functional tests
– Seatbelt pre-tensioner actuator / module functional electrical check
– Automotive power / fuse center continuity and leakage characterization
– PCB / PWB and general purpose short/open circuits testing
– High speed parralel soak dual inflator or dual test station electrical seek / check
– Multicontact / switch dry circuit continuity and leakage resistance measurements
Specifications IND 43 IND 44 IND 45
Channel number 1 / 2 / 4 1 1 / 2 ohmmeter channels + 1 megohmmeter channel
Measurement type
4 wires
0 / 15 Ω
2 wires
0 / 100 MΩ
4 wires
0 / 15 Ω
2 wires
0 / 100 MΩ
Measuring current 10 mA 20 mA
Testing voltage 45 V or 500 V 50 V, 500 V or 50 / 500 V
Accuracy 0.1 % RDG 1 % at 0 / 50 MΩ
2 % at 50 / 100 MΩ
0.1 % RDG 1 % at 0 / 50 MΩ
2 % at 50 / 100 MΩ
Resolution 0.01 Ω 0.1 MΩ 0.01 Ω 0.1 MΩ
Protection Up to 380 V
(110 V on resistance range)
Up to 380 V
(110 V on resistance range)
Setup Keyboard – Key-locking of parameters for safe use
Offset correction of line Through a measurement of the line value with validation
Communication RS 232 or automation
Power supply 220 V / 50 Hz with storage of parameters and counters
Options – Integration into test bench
– Data processing software
– Adapted protocole RS 232
– Other testing voltage or measuring current

… Please contact us for further options to fit further specific requirements

Switching units INT 17 INT 17 / 17 HT INT 17 / 17 HT
INT switching units
INT units are aimed to switch between:

  • devices designed for control of electrical testing on pyrotechnical instruments (IND series)
  • tested systems (initiators, airbags, firing units…)

Contact switches are usually monitored by shared automation (0-24 V) and earth bounding control (contact or transistor). Automation INPUTS are protected against any change of polarity.

Specifications INT 17 INT 17 HT – AS 201 full compliant (Autoliv standard)
For instruments IND 43 / 44 / 45 IND 44 / 45
Input voltage Up to 10,000 V (as stated in AS201 standard)
Front side 10 high voltage BNC connectors
4 LEDs
Back side DB9 Automate
Connection to IND instrument
Earth contact (in order to discharge the measurement channels from any remaining electrical charges, once the device is in standby mode)
Power supply Supplied with 7 point Bendix
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