Water quality monitoring system of Online COD Analyzer – HACA-2000


Electrochemical-type Online COD Analyzer, HACA-2000, quantifies COD from the amount of current that is generated from oxidizing organic matter by using voltammetry method. The core technology, Composite Material Electrode, can be generated with simple polishing. Because it doesn’t require strong acid or high temperature conditions, it is easy to operate and manage as well as economical. It has less clogging due to the use of large tubes, and it can automatically check the supply of sample and reagent.



Low maintenance cost: Renewable electrode

Improved measurement accuracy

Short measurement time

Status condition display


When the optimum operating voltage is given to the composite material electrode that includes a catalyst, the catalyst that is distributed within the electrode induces oxidation reaction. Here, the measured amount of current and charge is proportional to the concentration of organic matter, it measures by converting this into COD value.


    • Measurement item

Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)

    • Measurement method

Electrochemical decomposition

    • Measurement principle

Conversion to COD concentration from electrical signal generated during electrochemical oxidation

    • Measurement range

0~200mg/L (Adjustable)

    • Measurement interval

20 minutes (Adjustable)

    • Accuracy

±2% F.S.

    • Reproducibility

±2% F.S.

    • Linearity

±3% F.S.

    • Zero/Span drift

±2% F.S.

    • Oxidation potential

2.85V or more

    • Operation system

Windows 7 (CPU process) or more

    • Output

TCP/IP, DC 4~20mA, RS-232C

    • Status display

Normal operation, on calibration, error

    • Display

Color LCD 10.4″ (Touch screen)

    • Power

AC 220V, 50/60Hz

    • Power consumption

Average 85W

    • Voltage regulation

3% or less

    • Data storage capacity

HDD 100G or more

    • Data output

USB terminal

    • Enclosure / Size

Steel, IP55 / 600(W) × 662(D) × 1700(H) mm

    • Operating humidity

RH 95% or less


Application Field

Surface water monitoring

    • River, lake, river water quality
    • Waterworks facilities (intake station and Water plant, etc.)

Water quality TMS

    • Sewage treatment plant, Wastewater treatment plant
    • Wastewater discharging facility, Rural sewage treatment facility, etc.

Process control, etc.

    • STP process management,
    • IWWTP process management, etc.