Water quality monitoring system of Online TP Analyzer – HATP-3000


The HATP-3000 is an automatic measuring instrument for ultraviolet/visible spectroscopy of the water pollution test method. In the pretreatment step, potassium persulfate is injected into the sample, heated at 90°C for 15minutes, and irradiated with UV light to oxidize and decompose the phosphorus compound into phosphate. Oxidized phosphorus phosphate is colored with molybdenum blue and absorbance is measured. The absorbance of total phosphorus is measured at 880nm which is the maximum absorption wavelength of phosphorus phosphorus, and the wavelength can be selectively measured at 710nm according to the sample water condition at the measurement site. HATP-3000 is a new product of KORBI which not only shortens measuring time by adopting patented technology and its own oxidation reaction tank, but also has sophisticated design and user convenience.



Adoption of oxidation reaction chamber with improved efficiency

Application of multi-channel valve for quantitative distribution of samples and reagents

Built-in user-oriented operating program with enhanced security function

Built-in functions to enhance user convenience


    • Measurement item

Total Phosphorus (TP)

    • Measurement method

Absorbance photometry (Ascorbic acid reduction method / molybdic acid blue method)

    • Measurement range

0~10mg/L (Adjustable)

    • Wavelength

880nm (710nm alternative)

    • Measurement interval

30 minutes (Adjustable)

    • Detection limit

0.05mg/L F.S.

    • Accuracy

±2% F.S.

    • Reproducibility

±2% F.S.

    • Linearity

±3% F.S.

    • Zero/Span drift

±2% F.S.

    • Oxidation method

UV persulfate oxidation

    • Calibration

Auto/manual calibration by standard solution

    • Sample/Reagent measuring method

Step motor pulse control

    • Sample/Reagent distribution method

8-port distribution control method (Fixed quantity injection with multi-channel valve system)

    • Operation system

Windows 7 Pro

    • Output

DC 4~20mA, RS-232C

    • Status display

Normal operation, on calibration, error

    • Display

Color LED 10.4″ (Touch screen)

    • Power

AC 220V, 50/60Hz

    • Power consumption

Average 70W

    • Voltage regulation

3% or less

    • Data storage capacity

HDD 100G or more

    • Data output

USB terminal

    • Enclosure/Size

Steel, 1.5T (Except paint) / 645(W) x 439(D) x 1600(H) mm

    • Operating humidity

RH 95% or less