Cameca-IMS (Model:7f-Auto)

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New dynamic SIMS tool for high throughput, fully automated microanalysis.

The IMS 7f-Auto is the latest version of our successful IMS 7f Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer. It is designed to deliver ultimate precision elemental and isotopic analyses with increased ease-of-use and productivity. The IMS 7f-Auto has been optimized for challenging applications such as glass, metals, ceramics, Si-based, III-V and II-VI devices, bulk materials, thin films… fulfilling industry requirements for efficient device development and process control.

Improved automation & operation efficiency

The IMS 7f-Auto combines the well-proven features of the IMS 7f (highest dynamic range, best detection limits for light & trace elements…) with additional developments towards improved automation and operation efficiency among which:

  • New primary column for easier and faster primary beam tuning and optimized primary beam current stability
  • Automated routines for both primary and secondary column tuning, minimizing operator related biases and improving ease-of-use
  • Motorized storage chamber with automated load / unload of sample holders, dramatically increasing throughput through analysis chaining and remote operation.

IMS 7f-Auto Performance 

Ultimate reproducibility at high throughput

Arsenic reproducibility with IMS 7f-Auto Thanks to its new motorized storage chamber & sample transfer, the IMS 7f-Auto can analyze multiple samples in chained or remote mode, possibly overnight. Measurements can be fully unattended and automated, with unequalled throughput and reproducibility. Ultimate reproducibility on different windows and different holders can be achieved (RSD < 0.5 %, see figure on the right), together with excellent detection limits, high throughput and productivity (tool can be used 24h a day with minimum operator intervention).

Resource & Download

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