Chandler Engineering-Ultra HPHT Viscometer ̣̣̣(Model:7600)

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 A Critical Tool for Deep-Well Completions 
The Model 7600 Ultra HPHT Viscometer is the highest pressure viscometer for the Oil and Gas Industry 
available on the market. Designed specifically for the most severe conditions the viscometer is able to 
handle virtually any temperature or pressure encountered during drilling and completion operations. The Model 7600 is a complete package with customized automation software and computer. The viscometer 
has many safety features that ensure proper protection. The Model 7600 is designed with wide shear stress and viscosity ranges along with excellent measurement accuracy. The design also features a removable sample vessel assembly with vessel elevator mechanism to ease set-up and cleaning.

Operational Simplicity 
The Model 7600 is a fully automated viscometer. Its software is a powerful data acquisition and analysis tool designed to make its user’s life easier. Through this software, which runs on almost any computer, 
virtually any test cycle can be programmed and run. It automatically captures peak gel strength as well as 10 
second and 10 minute gel values. Designed to provide users with as much flexibility as possible, the control 
software allows a test cycle to be edited during testing.

Test cycles can be easily paused and resumed or profile steps skipped. The software even has the capability to run automatic calibration cycles using your calibration fluids. When testing is completed, all variables can be displayed and analyzed on-screen in user-configurable plots. Sharing test results with other programs and colleagues is very easy as all test data is stored in a spreadsheet compatible file format.


•  External Digital Torque Measurement 
•  Removable Sample Vessel Assembly with Vessel Elevator Mechanism 
•  Sample/Oil Separation Zone 
•  High Strength, Corrosion Resistant, Steel Superalloys 
•  Programmable Temperature and Pressure Controllers 
•  Temperature and Pressure Control Time-Based Profiles 
•  Automatic Calibration 
•  Ability to Capture Peak, 10 Sec and 10 Min Gel Values 
•  Ability to Edit, Pause or Skip Profile Steps During Testing 
•  Configurable Multiple Axis Plots of All Variables  

Maximum Pressure:  40,000 psi / 276 MPa 
Temperature Range:  40°F to 600°F / 4°C to 316°C 
Shear Stress Range: 5.1 – 1533 dyne/cm2
Viscosity Range: 5 cP @ 600 rpm to 300 cP @ 300 rpm 
Shear Stress Resolution:  0.1 degree, 5.1 dyne/cm2, 1 cP @ 300 rpm 
Shear Stress Accuracy: ±0.50% of F.S. from 51.1 – 1533 dyne/cm2
Minimum Motor Speed:  1 rpm 
Minimum Shear Rate: 1.7 sec-1 (using R1/B1 Rotor/Bob) 
Shear Rate Range: 1.7 – 1533 sec-1, corresponding to 1 – 900 rpm 
Sample Gel Strength:  Peak value at 3 rpm 

Couette Geometry 
Bob Radius (Ri): 
 1.7245 cm (B1) 
Rotor Radius (R0): 1.8415 cm (R1) 
Bob Length (L): 3.805 cm (B1) 

Power Requirements:  230 Volts ±10%, 50/60 Hz, 15A (Instrument) 
                                     115/230 VAC, ±10%, 50/60 Hz , 2A (Computer) 
Instrument Air or N2:  120 psi ±10% (filtered and dry) 
Coolant:  Water, chilled ethylene glycol/water mixture optional 

Physical Dimensions 
Dimensions (wxdxh):
 40 x 28 x 28.5 in. / 102 x 71 x 73 cm 
Weight:  250 lb / 114 kg

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