HWg-Smart M-Bus to Ethernet gateway (Model: HWg-PWR 3/12/25)

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HWg-PWR is a smart Ethernet gateway for remote energy metering and consumption monitoring. To measure the consumption of water, electricity and other energies, external meters with the M-Bus interface are used. Up to 3 / 12 / 25 M-Bus meters can be connected to the HWg-PWR unit. Individual meters (electricity meter, water meter, gas meter, heat meter etc.) are produced by third parties and connected via their M-Bus interface. HWg-PWR is a smart gateway that monitors energy consumption and warns about abnormal values The unit provides a Web interface, charts, SNMP and Modbus/TCP output, data logging, e-mail and SMS alerts, and much more.

HWg-PWR 3/12/25 monitors energy consumption using standard external energy meters produced by well-known manufacturers. It is possible to mix electricity meters, water meters, gas meters etc. by different manufacturers. Depending on version, HWg-PWR supports 3, 12 or 25 external meters with the M-Bus interface (EN 13757).

HWg-PWR 3 / 12 / 25 – Energy monitoring gateway:

  • Sends an alarm in the event of failure or value out of a specified range (E-mail, SNMP Trap, SMS)
  • Logs selected values (displays graphs over the WEB interface)
  • 8x Digital Inputs for detecting single-phase 110/230VAC outage
  • Converts the consumption (e.g. from [kWh] to [€]) without a computer or additional software
  • Periodically sends an energy consumption report for the given period as an e-mail attachment
  • Actively uploads data to a “portal” using the HWg-Push protocol HWg-PWR: Ethernet energy meter

Advantages of using third-party M-Bus meters

  • Vast range of meters with the EN 13757 (M-Bus) interface to choose from.
    It is easy to use special-purpose meters (non-standard form factor or measured range, e.g. indirect electricity meters rated up to 1000 A).
  • M-Bus meters frequently provide extended information (total consumption and immediate values, voltage at different phases, power factor, etc…).
  • Values from certified meters can be used for billing purposes.
HWg-PWR: Ethernet energy meter

HWg-PWR 3   HWg-PWR 12   HWg-PWR 25

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Application photo

HWg-SMS-GW2 for sending SMS


  • Ethernet: RJ45 (100 Mbit)
  • WEB: Built-in Web server, charts
  • Data input: 3 / 12 / 25 external meters equipped with the M-Bus (EN 13757-2) interface
    • M-Bus power: Meters powered from HWg-PWR
    • M-Bus standards: EN 13757-2 (physical layer) & EN 13757-3 (application layer)
    • Variables (data points): Up to 100 different variables from all (max. 25) meters
    • M-Bus: Automatic detection of meters and available values
  • Digital inputs: 8x Digital Input for 110/230V phase failure detection (senses tripped circuit breakers)
  • Data logging: 170,000 values (3 values every 15 minutes = 590 days)
  • Power: 110 or 230V AC
  • Mechanical: Fits on a DIN rail
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP
  • Response to thresholds: SNMP trap, E-mail, SMS (via SMS-GW)
  • Portal: HWg-Push protocol, supports
  • Graphs: Logging of values with the option to plot graphs
  • Counter: Independent counter for periodic consumption readouts (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, …)
  • Report: Periodic e-mailing of measured values
  • SMS Gateway: Device can send SMS by external "HWg-SMS-GW" without any software.
  • Support for programmers: HWg SDK
  • Supported software
    • HWg-PD Trigger: Control of other IP devices, alarm redirection to SMS
    • HWg-PDMS: Logging, export to MS Excel
    • >> Third-party SNMP software
      (HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli, Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, Monitor one, The Dude, Paessler IPCheck, Ipswitch WhatsUp, Axence nVision, CBR little:eye, LoriotPro, GFi NSM, SNMPc 7, CA NSM, ActiveXperts NM, Intellipool NM, MSC Operations Manager 2007)
  • HWg-PWR demo boxExternal M-Bus meters (third-party products)
    • Values available over M-Bus depend on the meter – we recommend to always check the supported values with the manufacturer!
    • Support for certified and calibrated meters
    • Support for single-phase and polyphase electricity meters
    • Support for single-tariff and multi-tariff meters
    • Current transformers enable measurements of high currents
    • Examples of typically available values:
      • Instantaneous power input
      • Total consumption
      • Line voltage
      • Line current
      • Power factor (cos φ)
      • Flow speed
Inputs Power  Web  M2M outputs
M-Bus meters M-Bus variables Digital inputs Modbus/TCP
SMS GW E-mail E-mail report HWg-Push
HWg-PWR 3 3 Max 100 8x 110/230VAC 110/230VAC
HWg-PWR 12 12 Max 100 8x 110/230VAC 110/230VAC
HWg-PWR 25 25 Max 100 8x 110/230VAC 110/230VAC *
Old model – no longer in production
3 Max 30 3x Dry Contact 230V

M-Bus or S0 pulse counter

S0 is a legacy system of counting pulses that correspond to a certain amount of energy.
The M-Bus interface is the current standard for energy metering. Unlike pulse counting (S0), it works with absolute values (that can be used for customer billing). In addition, M-Bus provides more values, such as the immediate current and voltage, cos φ, and so on.

An S0 to M-Bus converter can be used to connect S0 devices:

M-Bus meter manufacturers

Caution: We recommend to always check and test what values does the manufacturer guarantee at the M-Bus interface.

Gas meters
Water meters
Heat meters
Electricity meters
Other accessories
Carlo Gavazzi
Günther Schell TESTED
Inepro / DMMetering
Janitza electronics

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