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Strain Gauge Instrumentation
Micron Meters provides an extensive range of strain gauge measurement products for a wide range of industry segments. The instrumentation is designed for load cells, strain gauges, pressure sensors, torque transducers, flow sensors, temperature sensors, for signal conditioning, display and control using analogue, digital and wireless techniques.
Micron Meters specializes in applications requiring miniature high performance electronic products giving high accuracy, performance and speed.
Micron Meters core product range consists of strain gauge amplifiers, analogue signal conditioners, digital indicators, strain gauge digitisers, wireless telemetry systems, load cell weighing indicators and USB data acquisition units.


DSCUSB Strain Gauge to USB Converter
  • High stability providing superior performance
  • USB strain gauge interface – device appears as a virtual com port
  • Simple & easy to connect to your strain gauge sensor
  • Multiple devices can be used with one PC
  • Free DSCUSB strain gauge to USB converter toolkit software
  • Compatible with most load cells and sensors
  • Non-expert maintenance
  • Windows driver DLL’s available
  • OEM pcb versions available

The DSCUSB Strain Gauge to USB Converter is a compact, high performance strain gauge digital signal conditioner with USB connectivity aimed at applications which require high-accuracy measurement repeatability.  Read More….

PSD Portable Strain Gauge Indicator or Load Cell Display
The PSD portable strain gauge indicator or load cell display combines extremely high resolution and low power with the convenience of a hand held display and keypad. The 7 digit LCD display has peak and valley hold facilities. Calibration modes are auto, mv/v table or digital gain and offset. The display is TEDS enabled for automatic sensor calibration. RS232 output can be chosen as an option allowing connection to any RS232 interface whether it's a PC or simple data logger.
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PSD Portable Digital Strain Gage Reader
SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier
  • Strain gauge amplifier for signal conditioning of load cells
  • Bridge excitation of 10V DC with drive for 4 load cells
  • Selectable bandwidth of 1 to 5000 Hz for test & measurement applications
  • Selectable sensitivity 0.1 to 30 mV/V using switches & potentiometer
  • Switch selectable offset ±70% FS using switches and fine trim potentiometer
  • User selectable analogue output in standard voltage or current format

The SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier is a high performance signal conditioner for single or multiple strain gauge bridge sensors such as load, force, pressure and torque. The SGA offers a wide bandwidth and a wide input signal range. The device can be powered from AC or DC supplies providing excitation for up to 4 x 350 ohm strain gauge bridges. The conditioned output signal can be selected from 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0-5V, ±5V or ±10V. Options include. Isolated DC supply, DIN rail mount and OEM module.   Read More….

Miniature Load Cell Signal Conditioners

ICA (Models ICA1 – ICA6 S & H) The ICA range of miniature load cell signal conditioners offer a high performance strain gauge amplifier in miniature OEM format, designed specifically for fitting inside load cells, converting a standard load cell to a 0-10 volt or 4-20mA output.

The ICA family offers high stability and fast response. The amplifier is available in 6 versions with two performance categories; S & H (S) Industrial & (H) Very High Stability. The ICA-H range offer very low drift over wide operating temperatures.

ATEX certification pending on some variants. Optional (ILE) in line enclosure to convert a standard load cell to a conditioned load cell output.  Read More….

ICA Signal Conditioners
ICA5 Atex
T24 Wireless Strain Gauge Solutions
The T24 wireless telemetry range is a flexible telemetry system designed to provide excellent battery life, up to 5 years, and high accuracy measurement data from a wide range of sensors outputs which include strain gauge, voltage, current, resistance, temperature and pulse. There are many types of sensors that produce these outputs: load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, pressure, displacement to name but a few. To complement the acquisition modules there are devices that allow the building of telemetry systems, these include hand held displays, printers, relay modules for alarms, analogue outputs for connection to existing data acquisition systems and loggers, serial output devices for direct connection into PC, PLC and displays, Gateway devices providing a standard interface into PCs and PLCs and even a device for collecting data to pass over the mobile/cellular network to allow remote monitoring from anywhere in the world!  Read More….
T24- Wireless Strain Gauge Solutions