Kikusui- Battery Test System (Model:PFX2000 Series)

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The PFX2000 Series are the battery test system developed on the basis of the experience and know-how that we have amassed through implementing numerous custom-built battery evaluation systems. The product adopts a unit structure that houses charging/discharging power supply units (PFX2011 or PFX2021) inside a unit frame (PFX2332). This enables you to build your battery test system in varying scale, from a small-size system with a single cell to a large-size system consisting of up to 120 units (max. 240 channels when all the units are PFX2011), making it possible to support any number of channels necessary for the test. Also, PFX2000 offers high availability by allowing you to replace only the unit that needs maintenance and to continue the test without stopping the entire system (hot plug feature). Each channel is completely independent of one another and thus can be controlled under different test and timing conditions. In addition, a rich set of protection features (OVP, UVP, OHP, etc.) is supported to prevent the test material from being destroyed by a system malfunction or operation mistake.


  • CC pulse discharging mode intended for load patterns of cellular phones and other devices
  • CP pulse discharging mode intended for load patterns of digital cameras and notebook PCs (PFX2021)
  • Temperature measurement function
  • Synchronized operation with thermostatic chamber
  • Equipped with a V/F converter that ensures more accurate current measurement at pulse discharge (PFX2021).
  • Power regeneration function (PFX2021)
  • Expandable on a unit-by-unit basis.
  • Allows PFX2011 and PFX2021 to coexist in a single frame.

Application Software SD002 BPChecker2000

BPChecker2000 is an application software for the PFX2000 Series Charge/Discharge Battery System. BPChecker2000 enables you to set the conditions of the battery charge/discharge characteristics tests, execute the tests, and analyze the test results on a Personal Computer (PC). This application software allows you to control two systems of PFX2121 120-ch Control Units via the USB port. This means that up to 240 charge/discharge power supply channels can be controlled simultaneously.
Furthermore, by adding a PFX2211 Impedance Measurement Unit, impedance can be measured up to 120 charge/discharge power supply channels that are connected to the control unit of the same system. Moreover, if the PC is capable of GPIB communications, thermostatic chamber (by Espec Corp.) can be controlled externally for synchronized testing.

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