Land – NIR Fixed Thermal Imaging Camera

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Near Infrared Fixed Thermal Imaging and Temperature Measurement Camera

A fixed thermal imager for high temperature measurement and thermal imaging. Direct Ethernet cable connection to PC running LIPS NIR for display, recording, alarms, analysis and manipulation of thermal images.

Key Benefits

  • High resolution radiometric thermal imager – giving detailed temperature information transmitted via a high speed digital connection
  • Choice of robust housing suitable for harsh industrial environments ensuring ultimate measurement reliability and availability
  • Choice of 4 models ranging from 600 to 3000 °C / 1100 to 5400 °F, plus 4 field of view options – suitable for a wide range of applications
  • High temperature measurement accuracy – enabling optimum process control Simple installation and ease of use – minimises cost and complexity
  • 2 Year Warranty – guarantee of reliability
  • Export Licence Free – rapid, hassle-free shipping
  • Range of 5 Close-up lenses (focal range from 100mm / 4in upwards) available – match your product exactly to your application

The NIR Thermal Imaging camera is an integral part the LAND intelligent imaging solution, and is complemented by an extensive range of dedicated system peripherals.

LAND Image Processing Software

On-line system providing flexible,application specific thermal analysis including:

  • Capture live images and video
  • 3D display
  • Timed image acquisition
  • Temperature span controls
  • Temperature measurement: point, rectangle, polygon, isotherm, histogram, area
  • Alarms – Setting up, saving and loading settings
  • Change image properties, colour palette
  • Saving, storing, copying and printing views
  • Saving and loading config. files

Image: Point Temperature Measurement

Low Temperature (C): 600 High Temperature (C): 3000
Low Temperature (F): 1112 High Temperature (F): 5432

Technical Details

Temperature Range
Model Reference
Model Reference
Model Reference
Model Reference
8 mm Focal Length Lens*
25 mm Focal Length Lens
50 mm Focal Length Lens
75 mm Focal Length Lens
600 to 1000°C / 1112 to 1832°F
800 to 1400°C / 1472 to 2552°F
1000 to 1800°C / 1832 to 3272°F
1400 to 3000°C / 2552 to 5432°F

*If the hot target of interest fills less than 30% of the detector at your chosen focal distance, the 25mm lens must be used.

Optical Performance

Lens Type
8 mm
25 mm Focal Length Lens
50 mm Focal Length Lens
75 mmFocal Length Lens
Field of View (h x v)
44° x 33°
14.4° x 10.8°
7.2° x 5.4°
4.8° x3.6°
Focus Range
600 mm (2') to infinity (manual focus)
1.2 mrad
0.40 mrad
0.20 mrad
0.13 mrad
Window material

Close-up Lens Options

Close-up Lens Ref.
Focal Range mm/inch
100 to 123 / 4 to 4.85
120 to 160 / 4.7 to 6.3
150 to 215 / 5.9 to 8.5
200 to 340 / 7.8 to 13.4
250 to 495 / 9.8 to 19.5

Imager Performance

NIR Scene Radiation Range
(see above) based on blackbody temperature
System Temperature Accuracy
Spectral Range
780 to 1100 nm
Silicon focal plane array
Detector array format
656 x 494
Frame Frequency
30 Hz (Gigabit Ethernet)
Physical & Environmental
Dimensions (w x h x d)
81 x 114 x 215 mm / 3.2 x 4.5 x 8.5 inches
Weight kg / lbs
1.76 kg / 3.88 lbs
Operating Temperature Range
0 to 50°C / 32 to 122°F (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature Range
-20° to 80°C / -4 to 176°F
Operating Humidity
0 to 90 % Non-Condensing
IP65 / NEMA 4 (with Phoenix Ethernet connector)
3g between 10 and 30 Hz
EMC Emissions and Immunity
NIR Interfaces
Separate sockets / lead for power and data connection
Power range
12 to 30 V dc, 3 Watts
Data Out
Digital data over Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45)
Two ¼" UNC mounting holes spaced 25mm apart allow it be mounted to a large range of accessories
Complete Land Image Processing Software (LIPS)package for PC
Standard Accessories
Power Supply, Cables, Software, Close-up Lenses


  • Iron and Steel e.g. concaster
  • Black Liquor Boilers
  • Heat Recovery Boilers
  • Cement Kilns
  • Pipe welding (with close focus lenses)
  • Glass
  • Liquid Metals
  • Coating Processes
  • Wire Mills
  • Semi-conductor Crystal Growth

Resource & Download

Flag-es Datasheet Camara NIR application/pdf Download File
(1.06 MB)
Flag-gb Datasheet NIR Thermal Camera application/pdf Download File
(1.06 MB)
Flag-gb Manual 806110 – NIR Camera Installation Guide application/pdf Download File
(2.96 MB)


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