Princeton Applied Research-VersaSTAT- Multi-Channel potentiostat/galvanostat (Model: MC)

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VersaSTAT MC Overview

The VersaSTAT MC is our multi-channel potentiostat/galvanostat/impedance analyzer, combining fifty years of Princeton Applied Research knowledge and expertise in the development of world leading electrochemical test products with advanced performance from the very latest measurement technology.  This, together with easy to use, yet powerful PC software makes the VersaSTAT MC an impressive combination of value, performance, and productivity.

Princeton Applied Research recognizes that traditional single channel systems do not always satisfy the demands for economy and throughput, yet many multi-channel systems are designed to satisfy only specific markets and/or applications.  The VersaSTAT MC was designed to have the broad capabilities of a research-grade single-channel electrochemical system along with the value and increased throughput provided by multi-channel systems.

Each VersaSTAT MC can be equipped with up to four (4) channels.  The system can be ordered fully loaded, or for those with limited budgets, the VersaSTAT MC can be purchased initially with only a single channel then upgraded later to add additional channels or options as needed or budget permits.  If more than four channels are needed, multiple units can interface the same computer and all channels controlled indepentely with the VersaStudio software.

  • Versatile performance in choice of 1-4 channels
  • ±650mA / ±10V polarization range as standard
  • Impedance measurement capability standard on all channels for simultaneous and/or independent operation from 10µHz to 1MHz with no separate analyzer required
  • Options for each channel include ±2A high current option and boosters up to 20A
  • High speed DC measurement and experiment sequencing (e.g. for step/pulse analysis)
  • VersaStudio software designed for versatility and ease of use

VersaSTAT MC Specifications

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

3 x 16 bit 500k samples per second ADCs synchronized voltage/current/auxiliary

Time Base Resolution (min)

10µs (100k samples/second)

Automatic Noise Filters


Power Amplifier

Voltage Compliance


Current Compliance

±650mA (standard)

±2A (with 2A option)

Potentiostat Bandwidth

1 MHz

Stability Settings

high speed, high stability

Slew Rate

>8V per µs typical (no load)

Rise Time (-1.0V to +1.0V)

<350 ns (no load)

Voltage Control (potentiostat mode)

Applied Voltage Range


Applied Voltage Resolution

for ±10mV signal = 300nV

for ±100mV signal = 3µV

for ±1V signal = 30µV

for ±10V signal = 300µV

Applied Voltage Accuracy

±0.2% of value ±2mV

Maximum Scan Rate

5000 Vs-1 (50 mV step)

Maximum Scan Range

±10V / 300µV

Current Control (galvanostat mode)

Applied Current Range

±full scale (depends on range selected)

±650mA (standard), ±2A (with option)

Applied Current Resolution

±1/32,000 x full scale

Applied Current Accuracy

±0.2% of reading, ±0.2% of range

Max. Current Range/Resolution

±650mA / 60µA

Min. Current Range/Resolution

±200nA / 60 pA


Max. Input Range



≥10MHz (3dB)

Input Impedance

≥1012 Ω in parallel with ≤5pF (typical)

Leakage Current

≤5pA at less than 25°C


60 dB at 100kHz (typical)

Voltage Measurement

Voltage Range


Minimum Resolution


Voltage Accuracy

±0.2% of reading, ±2mV

Current Measurement

Current Ranges

Auto-ranging (8 ranges)

650 mA to 200 nA (8 ranges)

2A to 200nA (with option)

Current Resolution

120 fA

Current Accuracy (DC)

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