Shimadzu-Compact HPLC(Model:LC-2010HT)

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* LC-2010HT is an integrated HPLC system full of the most advanced technologies. LC-2010HT provides you with high performance and useful functions which help you do chromatography more productively.

LC-2010HT was developed to satisfy the current demands on HPLC analyses such as High throughput, Automation, full system Validation, and Ease of use. Yes, we HAVE it all to meet your various needs.

High Throughput

Higher speed, Higher capacity Never-ending desire for High Throughput is addressed by the new sampler!! Unmet speed of injection (15sec for 10uL injection) and 4 MTP, standard or Deep-well plate cooling capability in a compact footprint provides you with up to 1536 unattended analyses!! In addition to rapid throughput, the system provides more robust, durable and reproducible injection capability.


Tired of routine operational procedures? LC-2010HT frees you from repetitious daily operations such as changing mobile phases, waiting for the baseline stability, and rinsing the column after analyses by automated these functions. Automated standalone system operation provides the estimated ending time of the analyses, amount of remaining mobile phases also you will receive an e-mail notification once all analyses are completed.

Full System Validation

High level validation is mandated in order to comply with GLP/GMP requirements. The time, effort and increased costs to meet these requirements are now addressed by the automated validation and verification of the operation of the overall system. Also CMD (Column Management Device) enables users to manage the column history and term of validity.

Ease of Use

For most users, analytical equipment is just another tool. If that tool is difficult to operate or requiring a steep learning curve, no benefit can be gained no matter how numerous its capabilities. Graphical operating screens and wizard functions make it simple to use even for the first time user. Moreover, users can run gradient analyses as well as isocratic analyses even more easily by using Simple Mode of operation.

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