Shimadzu- Sequential Type ICP Emission Spectrometer (Model:ICPS-7510)

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Sequential Plasma Emission Spectrometer

Emission spectrometers using an inductively coupled plasma (ICP) as the excitation source have various advantages over those using a conventional excitation source, and hence have come to be utilized more and more extensively.

The important features of the ICP are:

  • Detection limit of ppb quantity level.
  • No matrix effect.
  • Wide measurable concentration range.
  • High stability and reproducibility.

With these and many other advantages, ICP spectrometers are widely used; their application fields include elemental analysis for quality control, ultratrace element determination such as for environmental water quality monitoring, and major element determination such as for composition determination.

In order for an ICP spectrometer to get the maximum use of the above features, it is required that:

  • The spectrometer provides high resolution over a wide wavelength range.
  • Acidic/aqueous solution samples and organic solvent solution samples can be analyzed without addition or replacement of the units of the instrument.
  • The RF generator, spectrometer, and gas flow control unit ensure high stability.
  • Running cost is low.
  • Ease and simplicity of operation are ensured through automation, and the data system provides a wide variety of data processing functions.

The Shimadzu ICPS-7510 is the latest, sequential, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer designed to satisfy all of these requirements.
Large database and many software programs are readily available.

Spectrometer unit

Optical system Czerny-Turner mounting.
Double grating
Focal length 1000mm
No. of diffraction grating grooves and wavelength range 3600 grooves/mm for 160 to 458 mm
1800 grooves/mm for 458 to 850 mm
Reciprocal dispersion 0.22nm/mm(3600groves)
Detector Photo-multiplier tube
Slit Entrance slit 20µm
Exit slit 30µm
Wavelength scanning Sine-bar method
Driven by a computer controlled pulse motor
Minimum step wavelength 0.0002nm
Maximum speed 50nm/sec (3600 grooves)
Temperature control Proportional control method 38°C±0.1℃
Exhaust system Rotary pump exhaust capability 160 liters/minute
With oil backflow prevention valve

ICP Light source

Torch unit Cyclone chamber (misting chamber)
Quartz plasma torch
Coaxial type nebulizer
Observation position switching Up and down, 2 steps (during radial observation)
Gas controller 3 plasma flow channels
Flow rate setting range (computer controlled)
Coolant gas 2 to 20liters/minute
Plasma gas 0.2 to 1.4liters/minute
Carrier gas 0.1 to 1.5liters/minute
Purge gas 3.5liters/minute
Axial observation attachment Direction of observation can be changed (radial/axial)

Radio frequency generator

Oscillator Crystal oscillator
Frequency 27.120MHz ±0.05% (ISM band)
Output 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4, 1.6, 1.8kW
Output stability Within ±0.3%
Radio frequency circuit element Transistor
Ignition method Fully automatic ignition
Load matching Automatic matching (auto tuning)
With safety function Radio frequency generator temperature fault detection

Photometry and control

Negative high voltage power supply Variable 16 steps
Photometric method Sequential element measurement method
Dynamic range 9 figures

Data processor
Personal computer

CPU Intel Celeron 2.0GHz or higher
Memory Main memory: RAM 64MB
External memory device 1 CD-ROM installed
3.5 inch floppy disc unit, 1 drive built-in
Hard disk over 40GB
Display 15 inch color TFT
Printer (option) Monochrome laser printer
Matrix inkjet printer

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