Thorlab-Laser Power and Energy Meter (PM 100 USB)

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  • Compact Console Interfaces Power and Energy Sensors with a PC
  • Same Functionality as the PM100D Console
  • Advanced Measurement and Display Features
  • Compatible with over 25 Photodiode, Thermal, and Pyroelectric Sensors
  • Sensor and USB PC Connections with Indicator Lights
  • No External Power Supply Required

The PM100USB Console is a compact power and energy meter interface which allows PC control of an attached power or energy sensor. It contains many of the same features as the PM100D and PM100A Consoles, except it does not have a display screen or built-in console controls. Instead, the console and sensor are completely controlled via a USB connection and the supplied software. The PM100USB converts the signal from the attached sensor and transfers it to the PC.

The PM100USB is compatible with more than 25 standard photodiode, slim photodiode, integrating sphere, fiber, thermal, and pyroelectric sensors (see Power Meter Compatibility Chart). Additionally, it allows the connection of unamplified anode or cathode grounded photodiodes with up to 5 mA photocurrent, thermal elements with a maximum output voltage of 1 V, and pyroelectric sensors with a maximum output voltate of 100 V. Depending on the connected sensor, it can measure optical powers in the range from 100 pW to 200 W and energy from 3 µJ to 15 J. When used together with the ultra compact S15xC Series fiber sensor, the PM100USB becomes a compact and portable fiber power meter that is ideal for multi sensor applications.

Computer Control
The PM100USB and connected sensor are controlled through a PC running the supplied software. The standard GUI offers three panels for the display of various numeric parameters, a larger main panel and two subpanels. The displayed parameter can be selected, i.e. power, energy and their min or max values as well as their units. The GUI offers data logging with graphical, tabular or histogram representation and statistical evaluation of the measurements. The data can be stored as a text file. A driver set for the integration into 3rd party software or customized applications is provided as well.

Console Design
Like the PM100D the PM100USB features broad current and voltage measurement ranges and the capability of measuring power and energy. The AD converter allows for more measurement ranges of smaller spans, a higher acquisition rate, and higher precision. A selectable bandwidth of either 20 Hz or 100 kHz offers more flexibility and adaptability to specific measurement tasks while using photodiode sensors. The higher bandwidth is optimal for pulse-detection; the lower bandwidth offers better accuracy.

Additionally, the power meter can adapt to the thermal time constant of thermal sensors leading to significantly faster measurements with thermal sensors. Thermal sensors have an individual time constant that can vary greatly from unit to unit. Like the PM100D, the PM100USB can adjust to this individual constant for each sensor and thus minimize the response time of the system (sensor + console).

Fiber Power Meter Option
The compact, integrated, fiber sensors of the S15xC Series can be connected directly to the PM100USB turning the PM100USB into a compact, single unit fiber power meter. Any handling limitations due to cable movements or cable handling are avoided thus making this device ideal for multi-sensor applications that do not require a console but is controlled remotely via PC. The S150C offers exchangeable fiber adapters for FC, SMA, LC, SC, ST, and LC fiber connectors. Please see the Fiber Compatibility tab for more information.

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