Pipeline Hot Tapping & Plugging, BISEP, Flare Line Isolation, Case Study


Pipeline Hot Tapping & Plugging, BISEP, Flare Line Isolation, Case Study
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STATS BISEP® offers pipeline operators an industry leading technology solution for temporary line plugging. Achieved using patented and DNV GL Type Approved technology, the BISEP provides a fail-safe double block and bleed isolation deployed through a single full bore hot tap intervention, without the need for additional hot tapped bleed or vent ports. The BISEP offers significant safety advantages over traditional line stop technologies, with the hydraulically activated dual seals providing leak-tight isolation of live, pressurised pipelines.

This high integrity isolation is provided by a spherical dual seal plug which is hydraulically deployed into the pipeline from a pressure competent launcher, through a dual seal isolation valve. The seals are hydraulically compressed resulting in radial expansion against the pipe bore. During isolation barrier proving, each seal is tested independently with full pipeline pressure in the direction of the expected pressure differential, proving both seals of the double block isolation are leak-tight. Following successful seal proving, the vented annulus void is then closed and monitored confirming isolation integrity throughout the isolation period.

The line pressure acting against the BISEP pressure head offers a fail-safe feature by providing actuation independent of the hydraulic system. The ejection load resistance is provided by the BISEP deployment head.

Multiple BISEPs can be used to provide mid-line isolation of pipeline sections and the introduction of a bypass line allows sectional isolation to take place without the need to shut down the entire system or affect product flow.

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