Water quality monitoring of Online TOX/BOD System – HABT-3000


TOX/BOD System, HABT-3000, is a system designed to measure BOD and monitor toxic substances by using MFC as a sensor. The MFC used in HABT-3000 enables measurement of BOD on diverse organic concentration and properties by using complex microbes that live in the field, and at the same time, it is a model for real-time measurement that can be applied to detection of various toxic substances within a sample.



Simultaneous Measurement of Toxic Substance (TOX) / BOD

    • InnovationSimultaneous measurement of organic concentration and toxic substances by using MFC
    • GreenNo emission of harmful chemicals
      Safe for the environment by using microbes living in the ecosystem

Rapidity & Sensitivity

    • Rapidity Reaction within 10 minutes
    • Sensitivity Superior sensitivity compare to other technologies through the use of microbes
      Reaction to diverse harmful substances


    • Convenience Doesn’t require cultivation or supply of test organisms
      Easy and convenient operation
    • Cost Doesn’t require test organism expenditure or replacement
      Doesn’t require cultivation and management personnel


When the sample flows into the sensor, the organic matter within the sample oxidizes by the microbes and electric signal is generated. Because the amount of electricity generated is proportional to the concentration of organic matter, the BOD of the sample can be measured. On the other hand, because the organic matter dies or the metabolism is blocked due to reduction of current production value when toxic substances flow in, the inflow of toxic substance can be detected..


    • Measurement item

Toxicity (TOX) | Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

    • Measurement method

Microbial fuel cell (MFC) using electrochemically active bacteria(EAB)

    • Working electrode

Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)

    • Measurement range

-100 ~ +100% | 0 ~ 30mg/L

    • Measurement interval

10 minutes (Adjustable) | 10 minutes (Adjustable)

    • Accuracy

±5% F.S.

    • Reproducibility

-±5% F.S.

    • Linearity

±5% F.S.

    • Zero/Span drift

±5% F.S.

    • Operation system

Windows 7 (CPU process) or more

    • Output

TCP/IP, DC 4~20mA, RS-232C

    • Status display

Normal operation, on calibration, error

    • Display

Color LED 10.4″ Touch screen

    • Power

AC 220VAC50/60Hz

    • Voltage regulation

3% or less

    • Data storage capacity

HDD 100G or more

    • Data output

USB terminal

    • Enclosure / Size

Steel, 1.5T (Except paint) / 645(W) x 439(D) x 1600(H) mm

    • Automatic thermostat

Heater by PI control

    • Operating humidity

RH 95% or less


Application Field

Surface water monitoring

    • River, lake, river water quality
    • Waterworks facilities (intake station and Water plant, etc.)

Water quality TMS

    • Sewage treatment plant, Wastewater treatment plant
    • Wastewater discharging facility, Rural sewage treatment facility, etc.

Process control, etc.

    • STP process management,
    • IWWTP process management, etc.