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As a member of the ePower line of programmable dc power supplies,the HPS series of high power programmable dc switching power supplies offers a wide range of cabinet mounted models from 45kW to 150kW.  Voltage ranges are available from 40V to 800V and current ratings up to 2500A as standard. Systems are available in various wide cabinet enclosures. However, should your power supply requirements differ from the standard product offering, ask about AMREL’s customization options designed to fit your unique application needs up to 150kW.

As with the entire ePower line of programmable dc power supplies, the HPS’s high power programmable switching power supplies exceptional features and benefits make it an outstanding piece of equipment for a multitude of dc power supply applications.

With AMREL’s HPS Series you no longer have to sacrifice features for high power. The HPS high-power programmable dc switching power supplies include:
• Four 20-step VLIST or ILIST auto-sequencing profiles to automate tests 
• 16X2 VFD for 16-bit 4-digit voltage & current read back replaces DMM 
• Exclusive digital encoder and keypad for user-friendly control interface 
• Rugged current-fed high power technology provides reliable power

Exceptional Features and Benefits include:

• Exclusive 800Vdc Models: Achieve test results with the exact voltage ratings you need 
 Industry’s Best Cost-to-Feature Ratio: Feature-packed at an affordable value 
• Maximizes Your ROI: 
• • • • • In-rack Closed-case Digital Calibration Saves Annual Calibration Costs
• • • • • Standard Over-voltage, Over-current and Over-temperature Protection 
• • • • • In-field firmware updates keep the HPS features and functions up-to-date
 Widest Selection: Your Choice of 50 Models or Custom-tailor Your HPS Today
• Flexible AC Input Selection: Select from 3ph 208/1200, 380/400, 440/480Vac
• Portable Rack System: Installed in a Standard 19” Rack with Casters 
• Ideal for Industrial, Defense/Aerospace or Lab Applications: 
• • • • • Four 20-step VLIST or ILIST Auto-Sequencing Profiles to Automate Tests 
• • • • • 16X2 VFD for 16-bit 4-digit Voltage & Current Read Back Replaces DMM 
• • • • • Exclusive Digital Encoder and Keypad for User-friendly Control Interface 
• • • • • Rugged Current-fed High Power Technology Provides Reliable Power 
• Increased Reliability: Unique Power Engine Design Minimizes Heat, Component Stress and 
• Ensures Performance Under High Ambient Conditions 
• High Power Density: 150kW+ Power Ratings in a Portable Cabinet Mounted System
• Quiet and Powerful: Fan-Speed Control to Reduce Acoustic Noise
• Designed for ATE Applications: 
• • • • • Wide Selection of GPIB/RS-232/USB/Ethernet Interfaces, Standard LabVIEW and LabWindows Drivers, 
• • • • • •and SCPI Command Set Allows ATE System Integration with Simplicity and Ease
 Advanced Remote Fault Monitoring: 
• • • • • Fault Dry Contact for automated protection trip alarms 
• • • • • Remote Shut Down for interlock and redundant system protection 
• Two modes in one: Operate in CV, CC or Auto-crossover mode with ease 
• Test Flexibly: Remote Sensing compensates line-drop measurement errors 
 Safety First: Quickly drains Output Voltage during protection trips 
• AMREL’s Unique Advantage: Modified & Custom Programmable Power Supply Solutions Available 

Closed-case Calibration 
With the ePower line, you’ll never have to send your switch mode power supply back to the factory for calibration or remove dozens of screws to reach a potentiometer. Simply follow the AMREL calibration routine using the front panel and you should be back up and running in a very short period of time (some electronic test equipment needed).   This will virtually eliminate downtime and eradicate the annual cost associated with shipping your switch mode power supply back to the factory for calibration.

Limit Protection
The HPS series of high-power programmable switch mode power supplies offers limit protection for over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature.  During an over-limit condition the output is shut down instantly to protect both the unit under power and the power supply.

Full Front Panel Control 
AMREL’s high-power programmable switch mode power supply provides full front panel control of all available features.  A multi-function keypad allows the user to access all settings via an easy-to-understand menu system.  A LCD is provided for display of important functions and readings.

RS-232 and GPIB IEEE-488 Standard 
All HPS high-power programmable dc switch mode power supplies come with both RS-232 and GPIB IEEE-488 as standard features.  Both connectors are provided on the rear of the unit. Instructions for configuring are in the manual. 
Ethernet Available 
The HPS Series of high-power switch mode power supplies is also available with an optional Ethernet interface.

Customized Programmable Power Supplies
AMREL’s outstanding engineering team can provide customizations and modifications to any of the HPS high-power switch mode power supplies.  AMREL’s customizations can range from a simple modification, such as a different front panel color, to a complete custom electro-mechanical design.  Contact the factory or your local regional salesperson for more information on the customization of your programmable power supply.

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