Hewlett-Packard / Agilent Technologies, Synthesizer/Function Generator (3325A)

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HP 3225A Synthesizer/Function Generator is an uncompromising, high performance synthesizer with 11 digit resolution, a function generator with precision waveforms, a wideband sweeper, and a fully programmable systems instrument.


The HP 3325A is first with microhertz resolution below 100 kHz along with frequency coverage from .000001 Hz to 20.999999999 MHz. Signal purity, accuracy and stability are as good or better than earlier stand-alone HP synthesizers.  Harmonics are 65 dB down below 50 kHz and you can externally modulate with AM and PM.

Function Generator

The HP 3325A is also a high performance function generator providing precision waveforms with synthesizer accuracy and resolution.  Squarewaves to 10.999999999 MHz have 20 ns rise and fall times.  Triangles and ramps with .05% linearity are available up to 10.999999999 kHz.  All waveforms can be dc and phase offset.

A Wideband Sweeper

A major contribution is wideband phase continuous sweep, covering up to the full frequency range of each waveform.  Sweep log or linear, single or continuous without the phase discontinuities usually associated with synthesizers.  Phase lock loop testing is made easier.

Make convenient swept frequency network measurement on filters, amplifiers or any passive or active network.  Use the TTL marker to check the frequency of points of interest on a swept frequency display.  Use the convenient "zoom" functions DF X 2 and DF/2 to quickly change the frequency span for the display desired.

Fully Programmable

All necessary functions are programmable on the HP-IB, including frequency, amplitude, all functions, phase and dc offset, modulation, all sweep parameters, amplitude cal and self-test, making the HP 3325A a very versatile and powerful addition to automatic test systems.  The isolated interface combined with floating outputs and inputs and talk mode make the HP 3325A easy to use in Automatic Test Systems.

More Features

The phase of the output can be changed ± 719.9° with 0.1° resolution.  The phase is advanced (or retarded) with respect to the starting phase.  Two HP 332A units can be phase locked together for dual phase output applications.

DC offset is capable of ± 4.5 Vdc on the standard instrument.  The high voltage option (Opt 002) allows ac voltages up to 40 Vpp and ac + dc up to ± 18 V total (ac peak + dc).

Ten storage registers can be programmed with ten different combinations of function/parameter settings from the front panel, stored and then recalled.

The HP 3325A can display 11 digits of frequency and 4 digits of volts or millivolts from 1 mV to 10 volts peak to peak.  Conversion to RMS or dBm is simple with the touch of a button.

New Technology

The HP 3325A provides unprecedented performance per dollar thanks to several major contributions from advances in HP technology.  A single loop Fractional-N synthesis technique allows synthesizer accuracy with 11 digits of resolution and, as an added bonus, phase continuous frequency sweep.  Fewer parts and integrated circuit technology make the difference.  A unique method of triangle and ramp waveform generation provides excellent linearity.  Add microprocessor control and Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus (HP-IB) operation and the result is more performance, flexibility and versatility on the bench or in automatic test systems than previously available, and at a lower cost.

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